Relay Relay Relay – Mother Mary and Sekhmet – 2/21/2024

Relay Relay Relay – Mother Mary and Sekhmet – 2/21/2024

As you all know, the people of Earth are being confronted with THEMSELVES. Those who turn away from the Dark parts of them, the results of that will be failure. This is the NEW World you are moving into. You cannot go there dragging your old baggage from the past into the New World. That is impossible. Many of you have worked very hard on improving your own spiritual life, many have ignored the Deep inclinations to be a better person than you are at this moment. We, in the Heavenly Realms, are always here for you when you ask for assistance. How much better would it be to decide to change your old habits of victimhood than to continue on this long, low, dark path that many have been on for eons.

Know, that it is up to you whether you Ascend or not. It has to be a conscious decision to change the Old Ways that you have lived your lives, often without much success. We watch you, we help you when we can, that is when you ask for help, sincerely. Putting the Ego aside and being humble enough to change your stories. You the Lightworkers are needed now, and some of you are wailing like babies that this is too hard. You knew it would be hard from the beginning, not a “cake walk” as you would refer to it. If you truly want to change the world, and that includes your world, then you must get on-board, NOW!

These times are not a time for the faint of Heart. These times are for those who want to change the thousands of years’ History of never getting a clue. You are here for a reason, you asked to be here, yet you turn your backs on the work you have to do. Some of you. On the Earth, often, some people, see a glorious ending and they want to be a part of that without taking into consideration the very hard work that they must do in order to achieve that goal. No One can do this work for another. It is each individuals’ responsibility to be a part of the New Coming Dawn that will result in Peacefulness and Love inculcating, surrounding the Earth. This is not a time for “the Faint of Heart”, you came here to do the work, and I watch many of you fail to do the work that you are required to do. You complain about how hard it is. If you want to save the Earth and all of her people, all of her beings who live upon her, and bring her into the Harmony of the Universe, you MUST change your attitudes NOW!!! If you, my children, don’t want to do the work on yourselves at this time, then please do step aside and let those who wish to face All and Heal, and help the Earth, let them do their work without interference and pray for them as well as yourselves.

Think on these things, and what it is that You want to do at this time. Pray for those who are Ready, they will help your Beautiful Earth Mother and All of Her Children. It is up to each and every one of you, to make your own personal decisions. You are loved and cherished. Mother Mary and Sekhmet.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle, 2/21/2024, 9:30pm Pacific Time