Relay – Mother Mary 2/18/2024

Relay Relay Relay: Mother Mary: Now is the time that humanity is coming to the end of a long dark period in your history, in order to cross over to the light of the new dawn approaching, you must release your old ways of doing, being, and believing. Humanities’ newest adventure is to be completely different than you have been for thousands of years. You MUST be strong and true to the Highest and Best good in you, to have Absolute Integrity in all of your dealings with your fellow sisters and brothers on the planet. Where you are headed is a place unlike any that you have known in your previous incarnations, it is starting anew with pure integrity of soul and spirit and heart, honesty with the self as has never been seen before. All are called upon to be the very Best that you can be, in order to bring the new way of living on this Earth into being. Some will have a difficult time of it and some will find it easier, nonetheless, gird yourselves in integrity of heart, mind, and spirit, walking in Truth at all times. You are all here to help each other, to encourage each other, and to be honest with each other. There has been a better way for you to live than you have chosen over many lifetimes. These times, as you would say, “are not the time for self-indulgence”. You are here for yourselves, yes, but you are also here for your sisters and brothers, for you are truly sisters and brothers. Hold each others hands if need be, and grow together into the New World of your making. You have been the worst and the best in many of your lifetimes here. This is the test that you all have been waiting for in this lifetime. You have entered it. Now let us see your resolve to be the Best that you can be! Go forth, we are with you. Mother Mary. Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 2/18/2024 9:52pm Pacific Time