Relay Relay Relay: Kaytar from the Andromeda Galaxy.2/26/2024

Relay Relay Relay: Kaytar from the Andromeda Galaxy.

We wish you to know that we are from the Andromeda Galaxy, and are watching your Earth and all of you, and as you say, “rooting for you”. We have ascended a very long time ago and remember it as a turning point of glorious love and peace. We too had been warring, but we collectively made the decision to own our Dark sides, and enhance our walk into the Light. We empathize with you who are on Earth at this time. Rather feeling confused at times, somewhat inebriated with periods of happiness, and then back down, into what you call “the pits”, we have done this too, and we have achieved our goal, as you know. You all can if you are willing to be honest and open with your own souls. We do encourage you to let go of your ancient ways of living on the Earth, for the Self. We know it has been difficult, but you can look at this as your own personal “trials by fire” cleansing the Soul and the ego-mind. In humility for all of the wrongs you have done on the earth throughout your many lifetimes. We are in what you call your “Bleachers”, we are rooting for your growth, to come and join your Star Families and play in joy with all of us, your family from the stars. You are on the Road Home to your family and some parties of reunion and celebration. Gird yourselves in the Strengths of God and your own beautiful souls. Stay steadfast in your resolve to help your brothers and sisters and the Beautiful Earth Herself to Ascend. You do have family from the stars, do not forget us, we don’t forget you. Whenever it is needed, call for the help you need, and we will be there, as will the Ascended Masters, and your other Sisters and Brothers in the Galaxy.

You may not feel it, but you are making progress. Be honest with yourselves. Have Love for yourselves, and most of all, be in Integrity in all of your dealings with people, and with your Beautiful Planet. We who have watched you for many eons of time are proud of those who have put their false egos aside and are totally open and giving and courageous in facing themselves and the Darkness. You are doing it, the great IT, “Ascension”. We have been with you through these nights and through these days, because you are our Sisters and Brothers. Call upon us when help is needed, put aside your egos, and bring your Love for ALL beings on the Planet to the fore, so you can spread the Joy and Happiness that is possible on an Ascended Planet, if you so wish. We just wanted to remind you all to Be Yourselves, in complete integrity with your highest and best SELF. Call for help if you need it. We are here. Goodnight.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 2/26/2024 12:00am Pacific Time