Relay Relay Relay  Mother Mary  7/12/2023

Relay Relay Relay  Mother Mary 

The Storm is approaching. The outer is a reflection of the inner. As humanity chooses the path of courage, truth, and humility, what is coming will be fulfilled. The world is reflecting your inner turmoil. You have turned away from Truth. Those of you who have held to a high standard of soul, loving compassion, and unselfishness, have given it all. Some are waking up now to the Truths of their lives, and some are not awakening. What will come about in the days to come will be a result of your own actions and your inactions. There are some who are still “straddling the fence” seeking an easier path than what is before you. There is much resistance on the planet. As each of you let go of your past, you will find your path to the higher realms will be much easier than you are making it now. Some remain attached to the very darkness that they fear. All of the Help of Heaven has been, and will continue to be with you, all of you, but as you know it takes a commitment to do any great thing. There are many still asleep in their Wonderland. A fantasy. We watch you. There are those who truly want the New World to become a reality in the Now Time who are looking back to your past pain and self protection. To truly go forth into the New you must have the Courage of Heart to Change your perspectives. You may continue on the road you have chosen, but I will remind you that it is a circuitous path. Do not sabotage the mission you are on. This is not just about you. It is about the whole World, and every being on it. You are walking into the cauldron of change on the Earth. This is not a time to shrink back into your old habits of behavior.  This is a time for stepping forth for all of humanity, and for yourselves, to work with us, and the rising consciousness that is needed in order for Ascension to manifest. DO keep in your center as you ride through the hurricane of change. First help yourselves to become better than you are, right now, then help others who want and need your help. Put your false ego’s aside and walk with Love for the Earth and all beings on her. Only you can do this. Do not falter. DO not self indulge. We are with you, we do help you when you ask for help, this is your life, your planet, and your responsibility. Be in prayer, rather than ego. Quietly help others when you can, and be in humbleness for all the gifts in life that you have been given. 

Remember the gift of knowledge you have been given, and continue to receive. Put this wisdom that you have received in your Heart, live it, make it a part of who you are, in humility and thankfulness.

I will say Goodnight my Dears. We will speak again soon, Mother Mary

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle

12:13 AM