Relay Relay Relay – Mother Goddess – 1/31/2022

Relay Relay Relay – Mother Goddess

Humanity is awakening with unshielded eyes to how you have been manipulated by the Dark Forces over millennia of time. You are collectively, awaking yourselves from this long and dark nightmare. You have helped to create what you see before you now, in order to know the power of your creations. What humanity is experiencing is the Darkness within, manifested around your world. Now, you see, do you not? Now, you are experiencing the depth of the pain that you have caused to live on the Earth and to experience this reality. There is always the Light and the Dark and the choice is Always Yours to make!

Choose your path carefully, know that you’re Conscious Growth hinges upon your choices. Set aside Fear and Rage, nether will serve you well. Be the Warriors of and for the Light that you Are! As always, go Within and ask yourselves what is your motivation in any given situation that arises? You Are the Warriors of the Light.

Humanity has been kept in its’ infancy. It is time for all men to follow the example that women are setting all over the world at this time to defend the children, the families, and the soul of your Nations! The Sleeping Giant is Awakening! Arise from your slumbers. Look around you and Feel. Look within you and Know. You came here at this time to experience the reforming of humanity on your precious Earth Mother. THIS IS THE WORK THAT YOU CAME TO EARTH AT THIS TIME TO EXPERIENCE. Remember that you Wanted to Help!

I AM the Mother Goddess and as you know This Is the time to Fully Awaken! It is the time to rescue the children and the animals, and the hybrids that have been created through the very Dark Ones’ lust for power and control.

The Earth will be swept clean of the Evil misdeeds that have brought down the vibrational levels of all on Earth. Now you are aware. Humanity must take back its’ power from the hands of the unconscionable, who have and continue to bring great Darkness to the Earth. This is the time to cleanse your souls and your will. No longer will there be the lower dimensional reality Beings in charge on this Beautiful Earth. You my Dears, will bring forth the Light as you are doing by facing your own fears, your own secrets, so that the Light of the Sun can shine through your beings and magnify your Light to Ten Thousand Suns.

Stand beside and behind your Truckers in Canada and those who will be traveling in the US and other places. Stand in solidarity of loving kindness, compassion, strength, and care for the weak and the innocent on your planet. THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO. We stand beside you, in front of you and in back of you. Create the New World Now by standing with the Warriors of the Light all over your World. This is YOUR work. Go forth peacefully, in Strength of the Great Spirit who animates all of you. The God Within and Without upon your Earth. We stand with you. DO this work that you came here to DO!!!! You are a Force of Light, Protection, and Love. We are with you, go in Peace. You are Greatly Loved, we are with you.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 1/31/2022 10:44pm.