St. Germain – Oct. 12, 2018

Greetings! I am St. Germaine. I come to you this night to reassure you that the Plan is outworking on your world. Are you not starting to feel a great anticipation in what is before you? Yes, it is true, your world is about to change and you will see the glory of the Outworking of the Divine Plan for your Mother, the Earth. We, as many of you have been working to create this Change into the Reality of your New Earth. There is much to be revealed that will be shocking to many upon your Earth. These revelations will be the precursor to the Changes you have been creating on your Earth for many years now. Your faithfulness to the Light has helped to bring this about at this time. Stay centered in the faith that the Divine Plan is outworking as it is expected to do. There is much help available now in implementing the changes that many of you have been waiting for. Your Star Sisters and Brothers are doing tremendous work to prepare you for the changes that are upon you Now! Be in Joy, for This Is The Time That Has Been Foretold. You have all brought this to the threshold of humankind’s consciousness. You have and are doing the work that has enabled this Change to take place at this time Now.
There are millions of souls across the planet who have been meditating to bring this about. This is changing the tides of despair to the fullness of the tides of Abundance in all of Life. You are all Needed Now!

You are on the threshold of revelations that will change your world view of history back to the beginnings of your planet. Some of the revelations will be very disturbing to many who have refused to see the realities of which you have been living and the great harm that has been done to the children of the Earth. We ask you to go within at this time, to your God Presence and to seek your strength there. There is and will be help coming to humankind from your Galactic Family. Stay calm, centered, and in peace, and willing to face the Truth of all that will be revealed to you at this time. We are with you and ask that you give yourselves, your families, your friends, and even those you call your enemies, Love. Be compassion, be courageous, be strong in the Light! YOU ARE NEEDED NOW. We will talk again soon.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle:
11:11pm Oct. 12, 2018.