Relay Relay Relay: Hermes and Saint Germain

Relay Relay Relay: Hermes and Saint Germain — 3/16/2021

I am Hermes: Ho, Little One, good to see you reaching out to us this night, it is good to hear from you. We as ever, are at your service and are here for service to the world. I ask you all to remember your humor, these times are trying indeed, but do keep your collective humor and watch and listen and you will find much to Laugh About, as you know the ending of the Drama being played out upon your world. While there is much grief and sorrow in the Hearts of so many of you, regarding what is happening and has happened to the children of the world, know that they are all being rescued as I speak to you this evening. Those responsible, no matter their status in life, are being punished, never again to enslave this planet and it’s children again.

Remember, people are different in their ability to face the ugly truth, evil and cruelty that has been inflicted upon the children of this planet, sometimes even in the name of God.

The Earth, (and all who dwell upon her and in her) are in the process of liberation Now, as I speak to you this Night. During this time I recommend that you go outside in your warmer days, breathe in the air, listen to the migrating birds, walk upon your Earth, absorb her beautiful energy into your feet, know that you are a part of Her and She is a part of you. She and you are at the end of a very long period of the rule of darkness on this Planet. The Light of God is working with the Good People, the warriors of your Earth Mother to free all from the dark stain of the blood of the innocents upon this Earth. We All are with you, watching over you, encouraging you, and loving you as you walk into the Ascension of this Planet. Good night my dears, Be well and Clean in your hearts and in your Souls. I am Hermes.  Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle.

Saint Germain:

I am St. Germain, and I am here this night to remind all upon the Earth to stay in the Light of the Truth of your Souls. Keep your minds upon God/Goddess, that which is whole and beautiful, and will be again.

Know that many of the military upon the Earth Mother have been and continue to rescue the Children from under the Earth, from Within the Earth, who have been enslaved in unspeakable ways. Pray for your Brave Soldiers, your Warriors of The Light, and for the Children and others who are being rescued as I speak.

Evil has reigned unseen and unheard for many Millennia, on and in your Earth. The pain and the suffering has been under your feet from these Sainted Beings, their cries have not been unheard. In order for the Earth Mother to Ascend, the agonies inflicted upon the children, animals, and adults of this world and within this world must end. This is the time of the GREAT REVEALING of The Truth. The Truth that has Kept humanity in the darkness of the Soul for eons in time. There is at this time an army of Warriors of the Light who are and have been rescuing the children from horrible sexual slavery and torture in underground bunkers for millennia of years. This is ending Now. We remind those of you who read these messages to be Courageous Warriors of The Light and For The Children. I urge you all to quietly, with open hearts and open minds, to listen to the revelations as you hear them in the coming months upon your television sets. Be in humility, in grace, knowing that the suffering is over and Healing is beginning. Remember, that YOU are the Adults of this World. It is up to You to protect the Innocents. You are asked to Bring Your strength, love, and warriorship to this Task.

Humanity at this time, has the support of the Galactic Federation of Light and Know that the Next Step will be the ascension of the Earth and all upon Her who are living the Light Of The Christ. We have spoken to you many, many times over the years and encouraged you to take your power back and to face yourselves and the darkness within, this is the time we have prepared you for, this is the time of the Great Awakening, this is the time of the full blooming Maturity of the human race. We of the Galactic Federation of Light stand at your sides, call us as needed, no more Fear, no more hesitancy, keep only Love in your Heart, Strength and Courage in your Souls, for you are doing the Work you came here to do. We Love You, we appreciate all of you, and let’s get the job done.

I Am Saint Germaine.

Telepathic Communication through Spirit Eagle.