Relay Relay Relay – Celeste – 03/14/2018

I am Celeste. You know me from a previous message, a long time ago in your reckoning. My picture is on your first book’s cover. As you may remember I am an ambassador from the Galactic Federation of Light and have been assigned to your Vatican to clean up the dark deeds of that place. There was much resistance to my presence there at that time. But, you are seeing the fruits of my labors. The truth is coming out to the people of the world about this perverted, twisted edifice that has been built upon the memory of the CHRISTED ONE from which this Church has been built. I, and those who work with me in this endeavor are ever vigilant in the Exorcism of the very Deep, Dark, Entities who Rule this World from Rome. These beings have ruled from the time before
the Catholic Church was established. They chose other venues to get their Dark Message out to civilizations throughout many, many ages. They came here a very, very long time ago to use humanity for their Dark purposes. Their intentions have been embraced by other groups throughout the World and throughout the ages. The Light is shining upon their Dark Deeds Now. Millions of People throughout the Ages have been tricked into false beliefs about what God is, in order to be controlled by these Ancient Ones. They have and continue to fight this change. They work with all governments of any import, and encourage and use the people’s good intent and innocence of soul to enslave all of the people of the Earth. Awaken Humanity! It is time for you to Open your Eyes to what has been done to you for thousands of years by the Brotherhood of Darkness. At this time this organization is fighting for its’ life and will not give over easily. Remember that the Light Is Stronger than Her Darkness, it transforms Darkness. Now is the time for Humanity as a whole to wake up to your Enslavement, to wake up to your infantile behaviors. You are Great Souls who are better that you think, who are bigger than you think. Believe in yourselves! Believe in your Godhood, that is where you put your faith in order to grow from being little children at the hands of these very dark Manipulators. This Church is the umbrella under which all other Darkness resides. Your governments, your enslavement under Entities within your governments are controlled by this dark, very dark, establishment. There is a Great Battle right now for your souls, for your survival, and for the Earth Mother. It is unseen mostly by Earth’s inhabitants. However, it is starting to be seen in the skies around the world at this time, in some places.In order to help yourselves, and the galactic Federation of Light, we ask you to hold yourselves to the highest form of Integrity you can. You Must be Strong! You Must step out of your cradles of babyhood and walk as Free Women and Men into the future of your own Making! This can only be done when you let go of your fear and come out of Your Comfort Zone. You are what will change this world. You are the Warriors of the Light! This is Your World, you Must do your Work. We, are here to Assist you. You are the Head of the Arrow that will pierce this Matrix Reality with the Light of Truth! As people are shocked by Revelations of how they have been manipulated by these Dark Ones, those who have been asleep will have a hard time excepting this Truth! Walk in Peace, Be Peace, when all around you there is Confusion, Disbelief, and Panic. Be Peace! Meditate with Peace in your hearts, send that peace and that Light to all of the World! Don’t be afraid, this is a good thing. When you are asked, inform people of what you know. Do not put yourselves in positions where you would be the object of the uninformed’s projections. You are Warriors Of The Light! Be The Light! We are with you in All Circumstances. Your Guides and the Angles, are also with you! This is the time to take back your Planet and bring it into the Light with You. Be steady within yourselves, within your family, and with your neighbors, relatives, and friends. Know that we are with you and will assist you as we can, but remember that You are to do this work for yourselves and all of Humanity. Do not put yourselves in unnecessary danger. All Will Happen With Harmonious Outcome. Meditate, as a people, for in this you will help to change the World. Meditate, even for a few minutes, focused on that which you want to see happen here, to heal yourselves, Mother Earth, and all life upon her, above Her, and below Her. You truly Are the ones you have been waiting for. We are here now, you have grown and awakened to the point where you are a force on the
Planet for the beautiful changes that will be wrought upon your Earth Mother, and within yourselves.
You will find that as you go within more, you will become calm, clear, and much more centered than you have been before. You will be steady and strong, and wise. We, the Galactic Federation of Light salute you in this final phase of the beginning of Earth’s Ascension with you. When you are in need, call upon us, and Know, that we are here with you. You are our Sisters and Brothers in the Light. Of course we come to help you! Go fourth with strong protection around you at this time, with Loving attention to all that you do. This work is what you came here for. It Is Time!!!Be Strong, be Light, be Love! We are your Galactic Family!!!! Good Night My Dears, We are With You! Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   11:16pm 3/13/2018