Relay Relay Relay 12-19-19 Forber

Yes, I have been waiting to speak to the People of the World.   We are in your skies in uncountable numbers.  We are from Everywhere~  This Event is unprecedented in the recent annals on many worlds.   The Earth Mother cried out and she was heard!   It is up to each and every one of you, the road you will miss the boat?  Plane? Spaceship?
As you are undoubtedly feeling, the energy shifts; For many you are finding circumstance in which you are having to face yourselves for the first time.   Persevere!  You have a lot to learn in a short time.  Be open to Truth.   BE Integrity!  This is not Holiday from school time; Earth School is still open.  Remember that the crowd you may wish to follow are going Off the Cliff in a short time!  Do Not be led by your televisions, or News.  Go Within for the answers.  Ask the hard questions of yourselves and be Open to the answers that you receive especially if they aren’t flattering to you.  You cannot Ascend by hiding from yourself.  The Work is up to You~ 

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle, 
Fri. Dec. 19th, 2019 12:33 AM