Ker-Ton-Tec – January 23rd, 2020

I am Ker-Ton-Tec and I come this night to tell you that Mother SEKHMET HAS GIVEN ME THE TASK OF INFORMING YOU all upon the Earth that the lines have been drawn and the Battle has commenced. To those of you on the Earth it is a silent battle, although many will feel this within their own personal lives. The Dark Ones see what is coming for them and their influence is felt upon the world now with Great vehemence as it is known and has been foretold that this battle would take place before the change into the New World. Some of you may feel attacked and there may be attempts to lure others of you into the Dark Corridors through lies and deceptions that are calculated to bring you to your knees in shock and horror.

    Mother Sekhmet’s army is poised and we are ready for this battle for the souls of humankind. We suggest that you look within to your own souls and to step into your warriorship mode. Some of the battles facing you are battles with your lower selves. The temptation to take the easy road is always there, but to bring the Earth and all of her beings into the higher dimensions, it is imperative that you All be courageous and stand in the Light.
Much of the battle is an inner one, for all of humankind. It is a battle between your higher natures and you lower natures. Taking the straight but narrow road will bring you to your destination more quickly and safely. Humankind has been accustomed to making life difficult for itself with the help of the doubt-sayers, those who whisper in your ears that one way or the other is a safer route, but I say “take the Heart road, the compassion road, and it will finalize the Eons of work you all have done throughout the ages. This is not a time to surrender to weariousness of soul. No matter how long you have been on the Earth, in your Earth body, take your energy that you have left and go fourth in this final hour in the battle of the Light over the Darkness. This is the final battle for the Souls Of Humanity.

You will probably be seeing the unexpected in pleasant and also very unpleasant ways. Be and stay the warriors for the Light that you are. There will be things revealed that will shock many upon the planet. Have compassion for those that have been grievously harmed and know that the harm doers will go before the Halls of Justice of the Universe. There is no longer a place for those who have sinned against their humanity to hide. All of humankind upon the Earth will truly see what has been done.
    We remind you, during these revelations to go within to resolve that you Always Will Hold Yourselves In The Highest Of Heavenly Integrity. This is the Only response to the Horrors that will be revealed to you.
The Work of rescuing the victims of governmental and individual torture chambers has been ongoing for many years. Humankind has to awaken from its “sleeping beauty” dream and to take charge of the creation of a completely new open and feeling society upon the Earth. The Galactic Federation and the White Knights are on the ground now and they are dismantling the chambers of the dark overloards who have held reign and sway upon the Earth Mother for far too long. There will be No Question in your minds about Who ordered and participated in these grotesque pleasure parties for themselves.

It truly is time for everyone on Mother Earth to Wake Up to what has been done in Your NAMES! No longer will Humanity be able to close its’ eyes to the realities of thousands upon thousands of innocents on the Mother Earth.

This is your Awakening Time! Do Not Turn Away from the Truth that you are being shown! As in any growth Humanity must face All of its’ creations and all of its’ fears. Some who are reviled now will soon be seen as the courageous warriors that they are.  And some who are revered now will be seen as the slaves of the darkness working upon this Earth now.
In order to facilitate the changes so many of you have waited for upon the Earth Mother, you Must stay centered and in peace. Humanity has been kept as little children from the Truth of your societies for many millennia.

I suggest that what you all have embraced with open arms may be the darkness of those who would control you. Be open minded Now for there is a wind blowing across the planet to clean out the muck and the mire that has been covered up by lies to the people.

Creator has decreed that it is the time for the New World to come into being in every way possible. Humanity must open its’ mind and heart to TRUTH no matter how ugly that Turth is. Those who are reading this are tasked with staying in your center and in your heart. Ask forgiveness for yourselves and for others.

This is the time for Humanity to grow up and to grow into the Truth of your Galactic Beings. You have fallen very far but you will rise again to even higher heights than you can imagine. It is a contrast to be sure, but you Will rise nonetheless. You’re collective Earth Walk Will bring you into higher realms of existence, eventually you Will be the teachers who go to planets who show others how to live in Grace and Harmony and Love. Do remember, that we, Sekhmet’s Pashat Warriors will be with you at all times. Call us when you need us. A host of heavenly helpers are waiting for your call right now. There are many on the planet at this time who do not have a clue as to what is going on. You will be tasked with dispensing the knowledge safely to those who ask for help. Do not put you or your families in vulnerable positions during the chaotic periods that may come with these revelations. Be Peace, be Harmony, and be Love. Call upon the Galactic Federation of Light, we are on the ground, and we are here to help. Call us, we are here in the millions and billions. You do not have to do this all alone. Be Aware, be Alert, Be Love.
10:30pm January 23rd, 2020.Telepathic Communication from Spirit Eagle