Archangel Raphael, The Healing Angel 12/4/19

I Am Archangel Raphael, The Healing Angel. Healing is needed now on the Earth. So very many are ill in body mind and Spirit. The closer the Earth Mother comes to Ascension the more you may feel the need for your healing and all other Beings upon the Earth. The time for putting off the Inner Work is over. The past is finished, the new is overtaking you~ Be in integrity with Yourself. Admit the Truths that you would hesitate to show others. There are grander thing ahead for all who are willing to be honest with themselves Now. The past 3D attitudes must be let go in order to step into the 5th Dimension. But you must be finished with the 3D before moving into the fifth dimensional reality. This means letting go of the Past hurts, traumas and confusions. Often these Dark Places were created by entities who worked to throw you off course and to stumble around in the confusion of your minds. There is a Light at the end of this long tunnel Humanity has stumbled towards and it is within this place that you must seek the parts of yourselves who are angry petulant destructive children comfort them and Grow Them Up. There is no time left for trodding the same path that leads to Stagnation. It takes great courage to truly face oneself. Do it Now~ It is the Only Path to your wondrous future~ Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 12 4 19 10:05 pm