The New Jerusalem Mon. Oct. 15

Yes, the ship that you saw is The New Jerusalem and it is a very large ship.  Your impressions were correct!   We, You, Us, the Earth Mother are about to merge into One Whole that is in Alignment with All That Is!   These next weeks are critical in the involvement of the Divine Plan for Earth and for all of you!    Those who would have you keep the status quo are aligned even as we speak for their plans to unfold  for the Earth. There is a certain arrogance attached to their judgment about which their Plans are proceeding. Consequently, we have increased our vigilance and ground crew. As before, that which have planned will be thwarted. We are asking all of you to hold fast to the Truth of Who you Are and your powers as Great Spiritual Beings. You are only one thought away from a Mighty Victory! To be sure, Heaven is at the for-front of the great Armada in your skies. The Dark is Vanquished! They are just not aware of it yet.You, Oh faithful servants of the light are responsible for this great Victory.   That which you hear, or read, or see on your news is not real, it is an imprint of what is in the minds of those who reject the Light. When you read, here, or see fearful events portrayed we ask that you hold the True Vision which is, All IS IN PERFECT HARMONY!   We, on the New Jerusalem salute you and Love you for your Brave Hearts, your Courage, and your Love for Humankind. As well as for yourselves.   Telepathic Communicated By Spirit Eagle   Mon. Oct. 15    9:45 pm.