Mother Sekhmet – 8/18/14

You are experiencing an exponential increase in violence in the world but it is a great Churning together of disparate energies that have been present for much of humanity’s existence on Mother Earth.  Because the time for the Awakening of Humankind is NOW, these energies of strife, pain, inhumanity to each other and to every Being upon the Earth are no longer hidden.  Humanity can no longer hide from it’s misdeeds nor from the elimination of lifeforms upon the earth.
There is much pain and grief upon your world that will only end when humanity decides to open its’ eyes and its’ heart.  The Heart is the Key to end the millennial old pain that you have Allowed to be inflicted upon each other, either through your Silence, your Complicity, or your Overt Actions.
The Earth Mother IS RISING!  Humanity will either Change the way you have thought about each other or you Will Not rise With her.  The Lighter vibrational energies will not support the Old, Worn, Dense attitudes of the past. 

You see chaos around you, deliberate destruction of the Planet upon which you Depend, radiation that is killing life within the ocean called, “Pacific”  and you Still will not open your eyes and speak out for your fellow planetary dwellers who are dying as you succumb to the distractions of communications devices, entertainment that is designed to take you further into an even lower vibratory level, and political mind games that serve the elite of your world and further degrade the societies in which you live.  I am speaking of so-called “first world” countries.
It is Past Time to awaken from this nightmare made to look like a flowery dream!   We are here to help!  Ask us for the assistance that you require to bring a New World into full flower!
Yes, My Dear, That was my Ship that you saw tonight, The Blue Star Kachina and I AM Mother Sekhmet.   We, of course are monitoring your Planet.  There is Pain, Death, Cruelty inflicted upon so many of your Sisters and Brothers Right Now!  DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES TO THEIR PAIN!  DO NOT CLOSE YOU HEARTS TO THEM!  OPEN YOUR MINDS, HEARTS AND YOUR MOUTHS!  SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO ARE BEING SILENCED UNTO DEATH!
My Dears, we love you All!  No one is less than another in this Universe!  Do Not Allow yourselves to be deceived by those who would control and then Destroy YOU and your Sisters and Brothers!  YOU ARE ONE WITH ALL!
It is not negative to acknowledge and to feel the pain of another.  It is Human; it is Divine!  Pretending that by not acknowledging a Fact you are helping to invalidate the experiences of others by “not giving it energy” is the epitome of the Dark One’s strategy to invalidate You, the Lightworkers whose Power, Love, Compassion and Energy is needed now!  It is your FEELING NATURE that will Bring the Truth to this world.  Do Not be afraid to FEEL the Truth of Any situation!
This is a critical time!  One that will take all of the Courage you have to Speak out in defense of what you love best, your personal and your world family and all of the Kingdoms  on your Earth Mother.
We are counting on You!  You Have the Strength, now take your Courage in hand and Change your world by being the Leaders in this Army of Light!  The Time is Short now. 

Rest this night for you have been called to duty in this Army of Light Bearers!  It Begins This Day, August 18, 2014  I Am The Goddess Sekhmet!
Telepathic Communication  by Spirit Eagle  Monday 8/18/14