Metatron and Forber – January 2, 2011

At this time the earth is transforming on a molecular level as are all lifeforms on her.  Even what you know as the “new physics” is changing and morphing into a wondrous expression of life as never seen before on your planet.   This is the result of the Energies of the Cosmos flowing onto and penetrating every particle of Life in its’ myriad forms.  From what you cannot see with your eyes to what is blatantly before your eyes, your physical world is changing in its’ movement into higher dimensions.    As the physical world changes, so too does the mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and soul level of You change.  Your bodies are adjusting themselves to this new level of energy and the aches and pains are accentuated in your bodies.  This discomfort will eventually ease.  So too, your emotional bodies and mental bodies, are feeling this discomfort.  It is only temporary as you adjust to letting the suppressed emotion flow through you to feel, let go, And Change the way you have lived to a life of Honesty with yourselves, and others, Integrity with yourself and others, Compassion for yourselves and others, and Love For Yourself and others.   There is no way around this if you wish to go on to your Next Steps in the Transcendence of the Earth Mother.   We are Metatron and Forber, an Atlantian Priest/Healer of the Mind/Emotions.  I, Forber, am a Kofutu Master/Healer.    I wish a word with all of you regarding the escalation of the de-cloaking of our ships.  When we come to your area in a blatant way, do remember that there are people who have been deceived into believing that we are the enemy.  Remember to send them love and to send calmness to these souls who live in fear of us.  There is a Time Coming when All will See Us and will Know that we Come to you, our Sisters and Brothers with Peace and Love in our hearts for you and your loved ones.    There are those upon the Earth Mother who have deceived many, many people.  There are those upon the Earth Mother who have continually promised that Truth would be made known to All of the Earth’s People.  There are those upon the Earth who have Agreed to share with the People, the proof of the interactions over the years with the Galactic Federation of Light.  Some “encounters” and “sightings” files have been released by Some of Earth’s governments, but No Official  information about the actual overtures we have made to your governments has been released!    Those who have much to lose do not want the people to know about the Galactic Federation of Light and its’ overtures to the world’s governments.   We have technologies that can help you to clean your Earth’s environment to a pristine condition.  Those who desire accumulation of wealth and the power that it brings would rather destroy the Earth Mother and her children (all of life upon her) than to Let go of their Control of the people whom they have enslaved!   We Have Come to a New Threshold in this Contact Mission.  We ask that you assist in this Change of Course.  STAY, MOST OF ALL, IN YOUR HEARTS!  BE IN PEACE!  AND LET LOVE BE YOUR GREAT BEACON OF LIGHT BACK TO THE STARS AND YOUR FAMILY OF LIGHT! Good Night, Ground Crew!   Rest in the Love of the Great Mother of All!  Ashtar   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Sunday January 2, 2011 9:26 pm