Lireal – Monday, December 27, 2010

Many who are here now were once inhabitants of the great continent, Lemuria.  There was a time of peace in the world that ended when the greater part of Lemuria was destroyed.  It sank beneath the waves of what is now your Pacific Ocean a long time ago.  Those who lived there then have been drawn back to the place that brought Humanity to its’ finest hour.    Many souls sank beneath the waves with the beautiful land that was held so dear by so many of you.  Many of you were Priests and Priestesses in the Temple of the One.  Those servants of the One, and many thousands of souls were unable to reach safe ground before the lands sank beneath your feet.  You were courageous then, we ask that you be courageous now!    The Pall of Despair must be replaced with the Knowingness that all things Do work together for the greater good.  Each of you has a destiny to fulfill.  Each of you is important to the work of Birthing a New Humanity upon the Earth.  This is a time to go Beyond what you think you are capable of doing!   There are no limitations!   You, who sang and prayed with the people as the lands sank beneath the waves so many thousands of years ago showed the world what True Courage and Love for Humanity really is!   We ask you to bring this forth from your souls now.  Know that you Walk in The Light of The One, and you are Here Now to Remember and to Change the world into one of Harmonic Resonance with Source.    And to those who remained upon the mountaintops which became islands, we know your millennia-old grief.  You have held the torch for others to follow into a New World of Harmonic Resonance.  Now it is time to Light the torch again and to hold it higher so that all upon the earth will see in the darkness and know the Direction of The Light for a New Human Family!   We know you and you know us!   We together, will Birth our New World!  Rest well in the Arms of the Great Mother!      Telepathic communication   by   Spirit Eagle   Monday December 27, 2010    9:47pm