Kersun – Sunday February 14, 2010

I am from the Intergalactic ship, the Gold Star.  You have seen us before in your skies.  I am Kersun; I am from a System in the Alpha Quadrant in your Star Charts.  We find your custom of a celebration of love an interesting practice.   As Humanity grows all of your days will be a “Love” day.  There is much fear on your Planet that is in the way of being Humans of Love and Compassion.   As your Earth is rising in dimensional frequencies you will begin to be in a more loving space with yourselves and with all of Creation, but first you must not run away from those feelings, that you have avoided looking into in honesty.  It is a time in which it will be difficult to progress unless you are Willing to Face Your Fears, Hurts, Pains as well as those hurts and unkindnesses that you have inflicted upon others.    We have those on The Gold Star who can assist you in your Dreamtime as well as your waking moments.  Just Ask!   You may call them “Spiritual Doctors” for ALL Dis-Ease is of a spiritual nature rooted in hurts and traumas that you may not even recall!  If you want to be a Loving Being All of the days on Mother Earth, then you will learn to “clean out the closet” of your souls.  The sooner you do this, the sooner you will be in a space of calm, peaceful and loving confidence.  Your discernment will be honed and you will Know that you are ready for the next step in the Ascension process.    We watch you with great interest and with compassion.  We of the Galactic Federation of Light encourage the people of earth to look up and search the heavens for you will see us and Evidence that your Star Brothers and Sisters are Here and Waiting…..   Good Night Dear Sisters and Brothers!  Rest in The Goddess Mother’s Arms this night!   Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle   Sunday February 14, 2010  10:56pm