I Am Mother Earth! January 12, 2009

Daughters of My Heart, I am happy to assist as I can.  Yes, All Life is dependent upon one another.  There is, as you know much imbalance here now.  I am Ascending into higher levels and you, my human family will ascend with me.   There will be some shifting in the course of things as this happens.   There is a New Blueprint, if you will, for the courses of Life upon my body.    In the New Dawn, All lifeforms will live in harmony, one with the other.  Predation will be a thing of the past.  You are beginning the process of that change now recognizing that All are Sovereign Beings on this Planet now.  Releasing the “us against them” attitude is a great beginning for you are truly All One Life, One with Creator.    It is not necessary for lifeforms to predate upon each other.  So ,you are taking the First Steps to Creating your New Earth into the Higher Dimensions.  See the New Earth as a Peaceful and Peace-filled Planet.  All Lifeforms sustain themselves without sacrificing the lives of other Lifeforms.  All is Peace and Harmony, Kindness and Awareness of your inter-connectedness.    All Matter, if broken down to the minute is Alive.  All matter and human-made goods have an earthy origin.  Life here, upon my body, is a constantly changing celebration!  From the smallest to the largest.  When you wish to remove, ask for support from what you call the Nature Spirits.  Their Work is with the Elements and in assisting with the Fullness and Balance of Life.  You may call upon the Angelic Kingdom and the Ascended Masters for assistance.    Ask for Neutralization of all destructive microbes, chemical and biological elements, as well as all emanations, substances or forms that harm.  In the New World, no life, in order to sustain itself, will Feed off Another life!   Ask for assistance Now and with good intent.  Let go as much as possible the combative intention with other forms of life.  There are those who are out of place and in disharmony because of the imbalances extant on My Body.  Love All of Life!  Ask the Higher Order of Nature to remove and/or Neutralize harmful lifeforms With Love.  This Neutralization process must apply to Your species as well!  (probably more than the others).   My Dear and Treasured Daughters, Know that You are beginning the process of Change for ALL!  You will do as you are guided, I am sure.  Feel free to call upon me, as you will.   Rest Well in the Great Mother’s Arms in assurance that you are bringing the New Dawn of the New Earth!  I Am Mother Earth!   Telepathic Communication   by  Spirit Eagle    Monday  January 12, 2009  11:02 pm