Ashtar – Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ashtar:  It was I, who impressed upon you that it is time to get the Message of our arrival to the people.  If you have Art that is symbolic of our arrival, and if you have a book as you have ,Spirit Eagle, it is time to Publish that book and put it before the public in order to lesson the shocks that you All will face in the coming months.   There are those who have denied our existence and there are those who have encouraged that denial in order for you  to be controlled.  This is a Time for Courage.   The Truth is being revealed Everyday.      What is before Humanity now is the Great Awakening!  It is the time when you will face all of your fears and all of your creations, collectively and personally.   Now it is time for humanity to awaken and to walk in Courage and to fix those things within and without, on your world that only You can Do!    We are here to Help you but only You can do the Work to change your world.  Is there a corner of your minds where you hide and tell yourselves that the problems are too big for you?  Not so!  Use your minds and visualize what kind of a world it is that you WANT!  Take back your power as free and sovereign Beings!   When you feel outrage knowing that Mother Earth is hemorrhaging into the Gulf of Mexico and it is being allowed to happen, Take Your Power and Your Will BACK!   Reclaim the Earth as Your Mother!   Humanity has been led as little children to this place of docility and complacency!  You Are NOT Powerless!  Stand in your Truth!  Stand in your Integrity!  RECLAIM THE EARTH MOTHER AS YOURS!!!  She, like you, is a Sovereign and Loved Being !  Let those who hold the crumbling reins of power know that this planet is Treasured by you and that you will have NO More death and dying to support the Greed of the few!!!!  YOU, THE PEOPLE OF EARTH MUST STAND UP AND RECLAIM ALL OF THE WATER, THE SANDS, THE RIVERS, THE OCEANS, THE SOILS, THE AIR, THE WEATHER, THE CLOUDS, THE PLANTS, THE TREES, THE TEEMING LIFE WITHIN, ON, AND ABOVE HER!      The WILL of the People of Earth must be made known Now!   We are here to help, YOU are here to Do!  The Time is Short now!   This is the Time of the Great Separation.   Straddling both worlds is no longer possible!   The Choice is Yours.  As always.   We are with you!      Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle   Tuesday  July 13, 2010   11:22 am