Relay Relay Relay Abil-lar August 5, 2007 

We remind you all to Be in Integrity with Who You Are.  When you are true to your values and principles in your daily lives you will note a quick progression to that which you desire. Our journey to your Solar System has taken us into the great halls of Galactic Justice.  Your Earth Mother will enter the Galactic Federation of Light, of Worlds and you will reside under Galactic Law.    Justice will prevail as it Never has  before on your Earth Mother.  You will all learn the ways of your sisters and brothers from the Stars.  You will know harmony and peace as you never have before.  Guidance will be available in  every aspect of the Changes in your societies.    We anticipate much work and play ahead as we get to know each other again!    I am Abil- lar and I am on the ship the Star Moon.    Good Night Gentle Ones!  Rest Well as you will need replenishing as your work will soon expand!   Telepathic Communication   by   Spirit Eagle    Sunday   August 5, 2007  1:00