Mon takka   January 9, 2007 

Your Crystalline Light Bodies are being activated now.  As you rise in Consciousness as the waves of energy from the Great Central Sun envelope your Earth, your DNA is changing from Carbon-based to Crystalline form.  This re-wiring of the physical body is mirrored in your Consciousness as it, too is changing.  This is a good time to work with Crystals and to “plant” them in places that you perceive as needing balancing.  Put your intention into the Crystals  and  visualize them balancing those areas where they are placed.  Their broadcasting energy can cover miles.  Use Strong Intent when you do this!   I am Mon takka    I am on the Crystalline Light.  Our Planet is mostly Crystalline- structured.  Use your crystals at this time to work with your whole Being (Body, Mind, Spirit).    The Crystals  within your Earth’s core are being activated   at  this time also. You and all Beings on Earth are beginning to resonate with Crystalline Light and Love Energy.   You can use the Crystals to radiate Love and as a barrier to protect from harmful emanations that misusers of Earth’s  waves change in order to control you and sicken your bodies.  There is much more to Consciousness than is realized at their vibrational level!   We look forward to watching your work with the Crystals and we know you will do wondrous things to help balance yourselves and All Beings on the Earth as well as the Earth Mother Herself!    Blessings in Oneness Dear Sisters and Brothers!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  January 9, 2007  6:13 pm