am Celeste of the Azalea Light. July 1, 2006

I am Celeste of the Azalea Light.  We have been more or less stationary over Italy for some months.  We have been monitoring and sometimes participating in Diplomatic relations with the Vatican  (church) government.  There is much to be discussed in relation to how this very rich church (among many on your Planet) will ease the Transition for the People of the world.    We have encountered many of the Cabal within its’ ranks.   They are not too happy about relinquishing their authority to a Higher Authority.  We are not overly concerned about this as they will have no choice in the matter.  For now Everyone is given the opportunity to work in the Light.  The Choice is up to each individual.     It is interesting to see how uncomfortable these men are in dealing with an “extraterestrial female” Ambassador.    The Church has done much to harm the female upon your Planet but there is now a movement to rectify this grave injustice.  We, as always are optimistic that Love will prevail in the Heart of Humanity.   Yes, the Azalea Light IS the color of Azalea with a metallic hue.  Yes, it is very calming to be on our ship  This aura of calm brings a sense of confidence in us to our Diplomatic negotiations.  When you find yourselves in an overly stressed state of mind, bathe yourselves in the Azalea Flame.   You will be calm, yet alert.     Most of us on the Azalea Light are  from Lyra.  We are pleased and honored to participate is this greatest of adventures.  Many of us have not done this before.  At any rate your Mother Earth’s and your Ascension are unique in  this Galaxy.  You are speeding into the Light!   It may not seem so to you but I assure you that you are Flying!   We Bless you and Honor you for the Courage and Determination that you are LIVING!  Keep Calm, continue in your determination to create a New World.  We welcome you to the Galactic Federation!      Telepathic Communication   by  Spirit Eagle  Saturday July 1, 2006  1:37 am