Relay Relay Relay: Gorton 4/10/2005

Greetings!  We have been watching and waiting for a very long time in your counting to meet with you openly!   We are Gorton.  Commander of the Isle of    The quiet you hear is the quiet      before the storm of light and energy of your fondest wish.  You will be very busy afterwards, so take this time to rest and accomplish those things you have set yourself to do.  It is the Great Silence, similar to the silence before creation.  A good analogy!   For you will be creating anew: your lives, your Earth and all of life within and on her.   Yes, it IS like a baloon about to burst!   Think of it as a very big baloon filled with Light and when it pops the earth and all of her inhabitants will be flooded with LIFE!  With JOY! With Love!

There are things being done right now to make the transition go smoothly!   Though you are prepared as much as you can be,  even you will be surprised at the Timing of the Announcement and Our Visit to you.   Take this opportunity to center yourself, be in nature if at all possible. Take  a cue from the birds who sing and fly with great abandon at just being alive in this wonderful Creation!

Before you know it we will have that talk over that cup of tea or coffee together!  The cloud you saw for 4 nights at sunset was us!  Pretty sly, Eh?   You have had many sightings of our family from many systems  in order for you to tell people!   And that is what you did!  We knew you couldn’t keep that to yourself!   You are helping to prepare the people around you.  We will see what we can do to brighten your days of waiting by popping in and back out again!  

 It is time to awaken from the Dream!    Your long days and nights of slumber are over.  Awake   Dear Ones, Awake to a New World of your Dreaming!    You Are Much Loved and we too, wait with great anticipation re-uniting with our dear family again!   The Time Is Now! 

Good Night !