Legartose 8/14/2005

We are your sisters and brothers of the Light.  We are from Pelori in Andromeda.  Our people have seeded your planet with lifeforms many  ages past in your history.  We are here today to tell you that the re-union with your families from the stars will manifest more smoothly than you can imagine at this moment.   There may be a little feeling of strangeness at first, but that will soon give way to a knowing that we have met each other before and  that we are all of One Creation.

We have danced through your dreams.  We have sung at your campfires.  We have held the torch of truth for you in your darkest hours.  We have been with you in your moments of bitterness and in your moments of sweetness.  We have watched over you in times of peril and delighted in your moments of joy unbounded!

We are the Princes and Princesses of your Fairytales.  We are the songs of your birds and the quiet of a moonlit night.  We are your slumbers and your awaking for We Are One with you as you are with all of Creation! 

I am Legartose and I am a Commander on the Interstellar ship the Garactose.   We are within your Solar System now and have been awaiting the next phase of our duties to manifest.  We are told that it won’t be long now before we will be able to openly contact all of you who are waiting.

   Keep sending the Light into the darkest reaches of the souls who walk this planet.  Free the past from your own souls.  The past pains and hurts cannot touch you anymore.   Look them in the eye, face all that you have not wanted to look in the eye.  Grieve if you must.   Feel your feelings in order for you to thank your experiences for bringing you to this Magical Moment, the best in all of your lifetimes! 

We salute you dear brothers and sisters!   We look forward to being with you and walking on Mother Earth!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  August 14, 2005  12:23 AM __________________________________________________