Orin 6/30/2005

Good Evening!    We are pleased to be here with you on this wondrous evening in your part of the planet.   We are Orin; we are from the Dog Star sector in your calculations of the heavens.  We are honored to be here helping in your great Transition.   A few short years ago it wasn’t thought that humanity would make the grade and follow your Earth Being into Ascension.  And look at you now!   In just a very short time by Galactic Standards you have run the race, passing the baton to each other along the way, until finally here you are!  AT THE FINISH LINE!

Do pat yourselves and each other on the back, for a few short years ago there were mere pinpricks of Light scattered throughout your world and now, it is glorious to see the Light expanding exponentially!    Your Dear Mother Earth is breathing easier now.  She is not having to transmute so many negative thoughtforms as she had been doingl 

Please remember that you are not lowly Beings, there Are NO Lowly Beings in Creation.  For All is Love, All is Creation, All is At-One-Ment with The Source!   What you have done is unprecedented!   Be in joy for your faithfulness to the Light!    We love you dearly! 

You, who have been with us on the ships and most of you have, (remembered or not) will be joining the Fleet in your part of the Earth.  This will take place during the next few nights for brush-up instruction on various craft and duties and assignments that you have previously agreed to do. 

While we are working together, please let go of any programmed limitations that you think you have, whether it is  mathematical, (you, My Dear, are familiar with this perceived limitation and even argued with me that you couldn’t do it!  Remember?)  scientific, psychological, cultural or philosophical.     You are all remembering Who You Are.  The awareness is coming in droplets, in showers and finally in torrents of Joy and Fulfillment.

Our ship is the Tensonir; it is a vast city among the starships.  Get some rest during the day or early evening if at all possible.   You will need some down time as you say, in order to fulfill your commitments in your lives and with the Fleets.  As we have said before, you will be surprised at the final curtain-call of the drama being enacted on your planet at this time.  We are with you; call on us if you need us.    Sleep well until we wake you for your night job!  HaHaHa

Telepathic Communication   by Spirit Eagle  June 30,2005  12:10 AM