Hermes 9/25/2005

Ho Ho!  We see you are back with us again!  We are pleased to know that you are back with us in the land of the LIVING, tip-toeing through the tulips of time!  Ha Ha Ha, that is a good expression, is it not???  I see a ghost of a smile on your face, let me see your teeth!  Yes, it is Hermes again!   Can you see my rather large feet tip-toeing through the tulips?  Ha Ha Ha!  (Hermes is 10 feet tall give or take a foot)    See, you have made a joke without trying!

As you all know, this past month or so has been a particularly intense time in your country; many agonies have been enacted ;you have felt the suffering of so many thousands of traumatised and disenfranchised sisters and brothers knowing all along that it could have been you in that terrible rocking, and leaking boat being buffeted by a Very Ill wind that was manufactured by those who can no longer FEEL mercy or Love. 

The terrible abandonment of so many people has touched a core of knowledge within those who have shut their eyes to the merciless cruelties of your government.  I will not tell you that this was in the Plan of the One; I Will tell you that as is said, “All things work together for the good”.  (although it hasn’t Felt good!). 

We have NOT abandoned you!  You have but to open your hearts and we are there!  We are not separate from you!  We walk together on this path of Light to the stars!   I, Hermes, ask you to create your dreams into reality and to start that now.  When you take one step towards your dreams you are taking Action to make them a Reality NOW.  Visualization is good, but is not the only thing to do.  At this time take steps as though you already Have the money and other resources that you need.  Make inquiries, look for land for your projects, find out How to form entities for your Humanitarian Projects.  Do the legwork, (HA, Feet again!) work to accomplish your goals and create your dreams into Reality.  Do it NOW! 

We are working with those who are bringing the proof and the truth to the people.  We are in the midst of the changes that you are awaiting.   We are asking you to Begin Now to make your dreams come true and you will find your whole reality changing on the inner and on the outer.  And one morning you will awake to the clarion call of a New Day on Mother Earth and a New Life for all Beings on Her!

Telepathically Communication by Spirit Eagle  September 25, 2005  11:45 PM ___________________