Gre-gori 7/10/2005

We have loved you humans for aeons of time.   We have been with you in the infancy of your Dear Mother Earth, the Sparkling Blue Jewel of the Galaxy.   We have lived for a time with you and taught you  in your infancy when your Mother the Earth was in her beginnings.   It Is true that we left some of our family  with you  (albeit in smaller bodies) when we departed from your planet.   The Felines of your world will show you how to live, if you but observe them and apply their impeccability into your own lives.

Gre-gori is my name.   Yes, we just passed over your home.  The ship is the Blue Star Kachina.   We are Mother Goddess’ Warriors.  I am a Paschat Warrior!   We are here to ask you to prepare for the Transfiguration upon your world.   Look to the Feline Kingdom for direction on how to prepare your body, mind and spirit.   It is simple, just observe your “helpers”.    Take “catnaps” when you can, rest in the sunshine, allow yourselves to play, hug each other,  be playful with each other and listen with a kind heart and take time for yourselves to be alone in the starlight.  

There are a few leaders on your world who are strong in the Light.   We are protecting them.   Yes, there Really are a few in prominant positions who are women and men of Light!   We will not allow one hair of their heads to be harmed!     We have done extensive work in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East as well as in other trouble spots (ha!  an odd expression)   Sounds so little, like a spot on a cloth but each spot is a place of so much pain and misery.

We are looking forward to a swift end to this duality game.   You may feel that it is a slow process, but you must remember that you are changing at warp speed!   Your bodies are going through major changes, your minds are opening to possiblities that were not in your language ten years ago and you are already wavering between dimensions much of the time!    Your growth has been phenomenal.   You have been enthusiastic students of Life (Light)   What the Paschat Warriors are here to do along with the rest of your Star Family, would not have been possible even five years ago!.  You Are Ready Now!  

Yes, we are Big!  I am 14 feet tall by your measurements.   We are Warriors of Light!  Our swords are the Light.  That is our strength.  And the Light is Your strength. 

Be in readiness, and Be Calm!   When the Call comes, be in Joy!   Be prepared to lend your strength and confidence in the procedures and revelations to those who need them.   We will be with you on the ships for the final phase of the Briefing.   Good Night Dear One!  Sleep in The Arms of the Mother this night! Telepathically Communicated by  Spirit Eagle   July 10, 2005  12:30 AM