Fedierico 6/26/2005

Good Evening!  We are pleased to see you back at the computer!  It is a fine evening in your part of the world, is it not?   We come to you from a Rainbow Ship.   We are from many worlds.   Our primary objective is as Laisons to the people of Earth.   I am Fedierico of the planet Arcturus, your nearest neighbor planet.  

I work with the Mind as what you would term a Psychologist.   Those of us who are human-like in appearance will be some of the first on the ground.   We will be available for calming those who are distressed by the many, quick changes about to flood your world.   We have Diplomats and those who are skilled in transmuting energies of chaos and fear into calm and Love. 

Those who are expecting us, even anticipating us with great joy may have a bit of a flutter in your tummies when we start to de-cloak our ships.   Those Commanders on the ground will be asked to report for duty Immediately.   You will begin the acclimatization of your communities to our presence immediately.   For everyone, know that this is your finest hour!     We know that for some of you the waiting and anticipation has seemed endless.  Yet we are on TIME!  Just in Time!  The Goddess’ Time!  And Past Time!   

Although many of you have been waiting for years, you will Still be surprised when  the changes you have so looked forward to, manifest on your radios and televisions.  So our teams of Healers will be with you to help smooth your transition into a Galactic Society.

When the first shocks have been weathered by humanity you will begin the process of becoming a Galactic Society.   You will finally, conciously become a part of your Galactic Family!   You will be welcomed with open hearts and open arms, if we have them  HaHa a little joke there.    We will journey together in the Galaxy, we will listen to the music of the Spheres, we will sing together of homecoming, acceptance, and love reflected back in the eyes of your star relatives. We will dance in the skies of your Dreaming and we will paint the colors of love through our fingertips!  We are here!  We are With You!  Many of us are on the ground right now!

Dream your Dreams of immediacy Now!  Dream your Dreams of Love, and Prosperity NOW!    Dream it into Reality.  It is done!   Goddess I Am!   You are the Dreamers!  You are the Dreamers of the Rainbow Bridge!  You Bridge the Worlds and the Worlds between the Worlds  From your Dream comes your New Earth!   We see your many-hued Lights from our ships and are greatly heartened by this.   Good Night!   Sleep in the arms of the Great Mother!

Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle   June 25, 2005