Clothetilda 8/25/2005

Peace be with you!  Peace Be Upon This, your Planet!  We are happy to be with you all this night!   We are from the Nazathreen and we are a part of the Forces observing the End of this Grand Experiement.   I am  Clothetilda.  We are from the Sirius system.  

We want you to remember to keep yourselves in non-judgement.  As events are unfolding and escalating on Mother Earth it is important to keep yourselves in your Center where the Best of Who you are resides.   The intensity of energies transmitting to the Earth have been amplified.  This is speeding the process towards your Ascension.   What is happening in your personal lives is expediting the clearing of personal issues which have been with you through many lifetimes.  This is your final Cleanse of the Old thoughtforms and of the intolerance to the Light.

Do Not be discouraged, for you Are at the END of this long dark tunnel which humanity has trudged through  aeons of time.  We ask that you be the observer who puts aside judgement of those who have harmed the Earth and who have made you their mostly -willing slaves.   When all is revealed even those of you who have educated yourselves about the nefarious deeds of your governments and related institutions may be stunned!   Know that in order for healing to take place the wound must be lanced and that is what will happen soon.

We see you and know you as great Beings of Light.  You are our sisters and brothers in the Light!    We are looking forward to our grand re-union which is just over the horizon.  We love you and bless you and in your quiet moments, listen and you will will hear us and feel our strength and encouragement that we are pouring onto the Earth at this time.  Good Night Dear Ones!   Sleep in the Blessed Arms of the Great Goddess!  She will sweeten your dreams and guide you home to yourSelf! 

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle     Thursday August 25, 2005    12: 55 AM