B’dor 9/8/2005

It is good to be here with you tonight!  Your confusion about identifying me is because I am an Androgynous Being.   I am B’dor and you see both aspects of my nature.  I am from the Lyran System and I work with the Elementals on your world.   These Beings are of great service to you and are constantly working to enhance the growth of all on your planet.  They have been hard-pressed to restore balance while the Earth is being so mistreated.   Energetically, you can help with this.  Talk to the Nature Spirits while you are outside.  Thank them for the work that they do so well.   Visualize all in perfection!  

The Earth Cleanses Herself as best she can with as little harm to her children as possible. Feel the Spirits in the Trees and soil, be as little children and talk to your myriad insects and plants and animals.   It is a Grand Simplicity and one that is worth relearning!   EVERYTHING in Nature has a song to sing to you, and a story to tell.  Be in silence outside and you will learn what you need to know. 

Everyday the Earth gives of Herself so that you may live in Abundance surrounded by her bounty.    She does this even as humanity drills into her, and poisons her land and water and air.  You will be called upon to soothe her pains and to clean her wounds for she is your Loving Mother.  Know that you Can begin the clean-up Now with your thoughts.  Transmute the damage that has been done to her by sending Love and seeing her Whole and in Pristine condition.  Start with a tree, a plant or a neighborhood.  Go outside and communicate with all that you see and acknowledge those who work lovingly, the Elementals. 

Humans tend to get discouraged and think that they cannot affect change.  This is because you forget the power of your MINDS!!!   YOU ARE ASCENDED MASTERS!   You are a Thought away from instantaneous and perfect healing of all life on your Earth!   Please don’t wait for us to help you clean up the Earth!   Start your work NOW!    You have been taught well that you are small insignificant creatures and Everybody in the Universe is better and smarter and more “spiritual” than you!   This is NOT so!    We are in Awe just watching you face your days as well as you do!  

We stand ready for the order to be issued to openly land and greet you.  We will help with your Earth’s clean-up but we would like to see ALL of you Use your minds and your Wills to effect this change.  JUST BELIEVE and you WILL do it!   We will say good night now with a suggestion to remind yourself that you Are AN ASCENDED MASTER and you CAN DO ANYTHING with the POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS, FOCUS AND LOVE!!!!!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  September 8, 2005