Terrini – 11/11/15 

I Am am Terrini.  I am an Ascended Master in your understanding of that term.  I am in the 9th Dimension at this time.  I observe the chaos of your world in this time of changes within the Consciousness of Humanity!   There is much stumbling around in the dark for those who have yet to connect with an Awake Human.   Presently there are many Awake humans.  These are presently around the world in every place and in every form: human and what You call “Animal”.  Indeed, many of those you refer to as “animals” are highly evolved Beings who are here on your Earth at this time in order to help Humanity to Evolve at a faster rate.  Indeed, they sacrifice themselves for your evolution!
Humanity could not reach the goal of Ascension without the help of those who walk with and serve you in every capacity as these so-called lower lifeforms do.   They are your Teachers!  And in most cases, they are more highly evolved than you, Spiritually.  

When you open yourself to All of Life on this Precious Planet you will know the glorious wonder of Creation.  You will see yourself as the Caretaker of the Earth rather than her Abuser. 

There is a New Dawn coming in which all who have worked for the Light will see that Dawn break on a New Day that will sweep Humanity into a whirlwind of Lightness and Joy and will finally bring a Consciousness of Love to this dear Planet.   You are a part of this!  You, who are Faithful Servants of All of Life in All its’ forms on your Mother, the Earth.  We, your Family of Light Salute you for your Faithfulness in this Darkest of hours!   Be Courageous, for that is Needed now!  Be In PEACE!  You are Needed NOW!   We surround you with Love.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle       11/11/15   11:00 pm