Relay Relay Relay: Isis of the Amazons 5/3/2005

Good Evening dear One!  Greetings from your sisters and brothers watching over you.  We are aware of your “dimensional” walk” yesterday.   I am Isis of the ship of what you would call Amazons.  We are Warriors of Ligtht!   We walk the Worlds in your Galaxy.   We bring the Goddess’ strength to those who need bolstering, we bring the Sword of Justice to those who are in need of it (Justice).   We bring the Feminine in all her beauty and wisdom to sow the seeds of justice and peace upon your world!  

You and other Lightworkers have asked for women, for the Feminine to take a more active role to make the changes that must be made at this time!   You have called us forth!   And we are here now to get this job done in a speedy manner.   We bring balance to the proceedings.   That has been missing.   The light of the sword of the Goddess cuts throough the murky strands of lies and deceptions.    We see with Goddess Eyes, with Goddess Love and feel with Goddess Heart.

We are the strenth of creation, the heart of worlds the courage of Sodiers of the Light.  We are the nurturers of humankind over eons of time.  We are your sisters, your mothers, your grandmothers, your daughters, your aunts and your friends. 

The Goddess is now here on your world.  Acknowledge her in your words and your deeds!  Walk in beauty and gentleness with Goddess Love radiating from your hearts to All of Creation.  Take your sword of Truth and blaze a path of  love, and justice and peace for your new world.and walk that path in Integrity Right Now!   We walk with you into a grand and glorius future !  Peace Be With You Dear One !  Go to your night’s slumbers gently rocked in the arms of the Great Mother !  Good Night !