Condine 7/12/2005

All is well, we are here  with you at this dynamic period of your sojourn upon your Earth.  We are graced with your presence and pleased to be in your company at such a momentous time in your planet’s history.    We welcome you to our company of Light and we welcome you to the Galactic Federation!   We are your sisters and brothers although we do not look like you in body.  

 The yellow color you are seeing is the color of our Sun, somewhat like yours used to be.   We are Insectoid.  I am Condine and am Captain of the Starship Galaxy 2.  Usually we live in the 12th Dimension and have come to your Star System to help in the Birthing of your Dear Planet into the higher dimensions.  We are pleased with the rapid growth in Humanity’s conciousness.  We have been “hanging out” (as you would express) in your Solar System near Jupiter.    We await with great anticipation your  fellowship with your Star Family.  You have so much to explore and to experience in the Galaxies and the Universes!  

The explorations into your Soul’s Truth will be the most exciting of all!   And your bodies are changing rapidly and this is good!   It may not be too comfortable right now for many of you, but it will get better.   Many have had periods of low energy;  know that this too will pass.   As your bodies prepare to become Light a tremendous amount of energy is expended in all of your systems.    Rest when you are tired if at all possible and play and laugh and sing whenever possible.    When there is so much strife on a planet it is important to bring joy to yourselves to transmute the strife.  When you are in joy you send love to those places of strife.  It will be transformed. 

We are monitoring the proceedings in preparation for your Grand Announcement.  The way is being opened as we speak for our open contact with you   CALL THE FLEET IN !!!  WE ARE READY!!!  IT IS TIME! 

We are pleased to have spoken to you this night.    Walk with the Goddess and Sleep in Her Arms!   Good Night!

Telepathically Communicated by  Spirit Eagle July 12, 2005  12:50 AM