Hermes, Mother Mary, Lakshmi, and Durga 10/6/2023

Relay Relay Relay, Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 10/6/2023: Hermes, Mother Mary, Lakshmi, and Durga

Hermes: Good evening to you my friends, I have come to you this night to reintroduce to you the Goddesses who wish to imprint upon your mind the importance of the NOW TIME.

Durga: This is a critical time on your planet, and in your Missions. I wish you all to stand in the Truth of your Conscience, Your Honor, and your Integrity. As well as Your Hearts. What is about to unfold will require Great Courage of Soul, of Mind, and within your Heart. You, the Women of the World will know how to give the emotional safety to the feelings that your children will encounter. We, the Goddesses, walk beside you and help you in your daily lives. Just think of us and we will be by your sides doing the Great Work that women do on Planet Earth. Be in Courage. Know that you are the Love that holds your societies together. We will be by your sides in this next phase on Planet Earth.

Mother Mary: Prepare yourselves, my Warrior Daughters. Many of you have been here before over eons of time. Gird yourselves in the strength beyond all strengths of Love! You are Strong in the Light. Remind your children and the men in your lives of that strength. The time is fast approaching as you may guess when the Light will be too strong for the grip of the Darkness on Planet Earth to remain. Prepare!

Lakshmi: My dear Sisters of the Light. The riches of your strength of Character and Will must come to the fore now! Be watchful of your little ones and keep in Joy knowing that the battle has begun and has been Won! The abundance of Strength, Love, and Courage is yours to gift to your children your families and the World. Ah-HO!

This message is Dedicated to Barbara Bellamy who left on Oct. 1st. Onto Your New Adventures!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 10/6/2023 9:45pm.