Relay Messages From The Higher Realms

Relay Messages
From The Higher Realms
Spirit Eagle
This book is an Introduction to the Relay
Messages from the Ascended Masters and
the Galactic Federation of Light. These
messages were transmitted telepathically
from 2005 and are ongoing. So far, I have
received over three-hundred and forty
messages; thirty seven of them are included
in this book.
Our Intergalactic Friends and the Ascended
Masters wish us to know that they have
great love and compassion for Humankind
and that we are Not Alone in the Universe.
They are here assisting Humanity as we
make the transition out of Third
Dimensional reality and into the higher
realms of Consciousness.
We are creating a New Earth,
a New Human Family,
based on Love, Compassion,
and the Equality of All Beings.
Help for Humankind has arrived!

I want to acknowledge all of my friends
who have encouraged me in this endeavor.
I particularly want to thank Domenic for
his enthusiasm, encouragement, expertise
and perseverance in putting this book
I hope that you enjoy the messages as much
as I have enjoyed receiving them.
Spirit Eagle June 14, 2009
You are the Bringers of the Dawn. You are the Light
that illumines the Earth Mother! You are the Bearers of the
Torch of Freedom! You are the Whispering Wind of Truth
blowing across the Earth Mother. You are the Lightning of
Revelations sparking through the minds of humanity. You
are the Thunder that cracks the egg of secrecy upon your
World. You are the Healing rains of Love that quench the
thirst of Humanity.
Know that it is time now, more than ever to Live your
lives in Integrity. THAT is being true to yourselves and your
missions on Earth. Step outside of yourselves! Bring your
compassion and love to everything that you do. You Are
right now, shifting from the old ways to the new ways of
expressing on this beautiful Planet. We are at your side as
you go through your days. You are not alone! We are the
Galactic Federation of Light and I am Ashtar.
Go about your day with a Song in your Heart and you
will bring a melody of love and joy to all. Blessings to All
Life upon the Earth Mother!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
July 3, 2007 12:16 pm
St. Germain
Beloved Ones: Today, in the United States is a
celebration of the Birth of Freedom. That which you
celebrate for the most part, has been taken away from you.
NOW, it is Your time to Shine. Those who have
manipulated events to do this are On Their Way Out!
The Sleeping Giant has Awakened! No more will the
people accept the lies, both blatant and subtle, that have
been fed to them in order to fan the wars of Separation!
Mother Earth’s Destiny, and yours is so much Brighter
and Bigger than the manipulations by those who would
Completely Enslave you! So many more millions of you
have awakened to the Truth of Your responsibility for the
chaos on this world, and you Are standing for the Light and
for the Change in the Self that is needed at this time. We
applaud you! We applaud you! You have come far in a very
short time!
It is time for you to Walk Your Talk, to Be Your Truth!
Be on the side of the Angels and together shine the Love
from your hearts upon all! Speak your Truth! The Time for
Fence sitting is OVER! You are no longer little
children who must be led by the hand. You Are Our Sisters
and Brothers of Light! As Sovereign Beings it is time to
Claim that Sovereignty! Sit no longer on the sidelines. Do
what you know how to do! Make a fuss when needed!
Focus! Action! Compassion! Forgiveness! Peace! Love!
They are not mutually exclusive!
Stand up for the Freedom of All of the World’s People!
You and We, are ALL Sisters and Brothers! WE ARE
I Am St. Germain. Go Forth in Love and Peace
and Joy for this Day and in the days to come the Bell of
Freedom is Ringing Around the World. You are Loved
and Protected Always!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
July 4, 2007 12:01 pm
Ghondor, St. Germain, Hermes
Ho Ho! You heard the call My Dear! Yes! There is
great movement going on right Now! It is time to gird
yourselves in the fragrance of forgiveness and compassion!
There is much that will be forthcoming on the airwaves and
you may be hard put to keep in your center. Much that is
being revealed has been whispered in the Halls of your
Congress and much has been flying through the airwaves of
your Internet! Just remember that you are Ascended Masters
and you will Keep in NEUTRALITY! You have been Pillars
of Light upon Your World! We could not have accomplished
what we have done without your Light, your Determination
and your Perseverance!
We ask you at this time to be at Peace within and with
all of Creation! All is as it should be! The outworking of
the Divine Plan is, as always, Perfect! As you know, I am
Ghondor, from the Pleiades. I bid you Adieu!
I have walked the paths that you tread. I have cried the
tears that you shed. I have sung the songs of Joy that you
sing! We are Sisters and Brothers of the Light! We, the
Ascended Masters Know what you are Feeling because we
have felt as you do. We have known what it is to love, and
to grieve, and to walk through the days of remembering as
you are doing now! I am St. Germain.
We have smelled the sweet fragrance of a flower on a
summer’s day, and felt the rain in our faces and the
breezes that bring the promise of Spring! We know what
it is to live as you do! Just remember that you are at the
very end of this Duality! It won’t be long now!
Watch your skies now! The Ships of the Federation
will be more visible now with many daylight sightings.
Take Heart! No matter what you may hear to the contrary,
the Plan is Outworking as it is meant to be! We ask that
you plumb the depths of your Being and stand tall as a
Warrior of Light! You ARE who you’ve been waiting for
and we are Proud to call you our Sisters and our Brothers!
Rest in the Arms of the Great Mother This Night!
Hermes here, my Dear! Just a note to say to
remember to Play! When you are in playfulness, you are
preparing your whole Being for the New World that you
are creating with your thoughts and with your Feelings.
Take time to laugh, and to be like a child in the Sweetness
of Youth! You are All our Beloveds! Do you want a world
that is filled with Joy? Then BE IN JOY NOW! You are
well-pleased with your Playmate now? Ho! Yes! We shall
send playmates to all of you! We Love you All and we
shall see you in your streets before too long. Good Night
Dear Sisters and Brothers!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Thursday, August 16, 2007 10:13 pm.
Commander Gorton
Greetings! We have been watching and waiting for a
very long time in your counting to meet with you openly!
We are Gorton, Commander of the Isle of Light. The quiet
you hear is the quiet before the storm of light and energy of
your fondest wish. You will be very busy afterwards, so take
this time to rest and accomplish those things you have set
yourself to do. It is the Great Silence, similar to the silence
before Creation. A good analogy! For you will be creating
anew: your lives, your Earth and all of life within and on
her. Yes, it IS like a baloon about to burst! Think of it as a
very big baloon filled with Light and when it pops, the earth
and all of her inhabitants will be flooded with LIFE! With
JOY! With Love!
There are things being done right now to make the
transition go smoothly! Though you are prepared as much
as you can be, even you will be surprised at the Timing of
the Announcement and Our Visit to you. Take this
opportunity to center yourself; be in nature if at all possible.
Take a cue from the birds who sing and fly with great
abandon at just being alive in this wonderful Creation!
Before you know it we will have that talk over that cup of
tea or coffee together!
The cloud you saw for 4 nights at sunset was us!
Pretty sly, Eh? You have had many sightings of our
family from many systems in order for you to tell people!
And that is what you did! We knew you couldn’t keep
that to yourself! You are helping to prepare the people
around you. We will see what we can do to brighten your
days of waiting by popping in and back out again!
It is time to awaken from the Dream! Your long
days and nights of slumber are over. Awake Dear Ones,
Awake to a New World of your Dreaming! You Are Much
Loved and we too, wait with great anticipation re-uniting
with our dear family again! The Time Is Now!
Good Night !
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Sunday, April 10, 2005 11:15 pm
We are dancing together. We are dancing The New
Earth into Being! We are dancing The Dance of Life!
We are One!
I am Shiva and I come this day to invite you to
The Dance of Life. We bring Offerings of Love and
Service to the Earth Mother, the Giver of All Life! We
bring hearts filled with Service to All of Life! There Is
only Joy! There Is only Love! There is only One!
Humanity’s Time Has Come! Bring Flowers, and
Song, to your New Earth! Bring Hearts overflowing
with Love!
The Past is Over! You are as New Babies in
innocence and acceptance. Come Dance With Me!I Am
Babaji(Shiva) Om Namaha Shivaya
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Thursday, August 23, 2007 2:36 pm.
Peace Be With You Now and Into Forever! You are
Treasures beyond compare! We are here with you in all
ways as you walk into the Future of your New Earth and
your New Lives! We are from the Andromedan Galaxy.
We are on the ship, “The Gateway” in your language.
There is much that has been transpiring in the
atmosphere of your political struggle and in your
personal lives. We wish you to know that you are at
the Point of No Return in your travels to Higher
Dimensions of Light!
All people are at this time experiencing the
Collective of the Consciousness of all of you! There is,
in the very air the emotions of all bouncing off of each
other. The Time is upon you! There is No Retreating
back into your Comfort Zones.
Life is occurring in such a way that it is no longer
time to Hide from Yourselves! Emotions that many
have refused to feel, to “deal with” as you say, have
come into your consciousness in such a way that there
is no option but to feel and to heal them! The pain
comes through the avoidance of the pain.
When you are ready for the higher dimensional
frequencies, you will have Faced and FELT your pain,
Walked Through your fears, and Shed the unshed
tears, Forgiven what you thought was unforgivable in
yourself and in others.
The pain, the fears and the unforgiveness hold you in
the lower Dimensions! There is no “magic pill” to heal
yourself and to bring you into a higher consciousness.
The “magic” is what it has Always been: Working on
YOURSELF! This is what Loving Yourself is about!
You will not be able to slide into Higher Dimensional
Frequencies with a backpack filled with the Unresolved
Past upon your backs! Impossible!
We encourage you to open your hearts (emotions)
and your minds so that you may work with the Energies
that are flooding the Earth at this time to help to balance
You and in doing so to balance the Earth!
I am Drexel and I work with those of us who help to
heal emotional scars and wounds of which there are many
on the Earth. We are honored and pleased to assist you
at this most Auspicious of Times! Look Within and Look
Up! We Are Here!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Tuesday, April 1, 2008 8:14 pm
Jonkell and Bahtmat
I am Jonkell and I am Bahtmat. We are on the
Androdaise. As you can see, our physical aspects indicate
that we hail from different Planetary Systems. We, on the
Androdaise, hail from many places. We work together as a
unified body of Scientists.
We are monitoring your planet and her inhabitants.
Our crew is comprised of scientists and specialists in many
fields that are pertinent to this Mission. We have Medical
Teams who monitor all life on the Earth. We have
Spiritual Doctors who work with the souls of all
inhabitants, particularly in Dreamtime. We also have those
who are versed in the biology of the Earth Herself and all
of her components (systems).
Much of the discomfort in your bodies is due, as you
know to the increased energies that are radiating to the
Earth from the Great Central Sun. This is a temporary
inconvenience that will bear great fruit for all. These
energies are affecting the Earth’s Magnetic Field and your
bodies are adjusting to these changes. This process will
speed up the change from carbon-based to crystalline –
based bodies. This is all a part of the Ascension process.
We recommend that you Listen to your bodies! Rest
when needed, sleep when you can, and eat what your body
craves. With the exception of what you call “junk foods”, (and
they ARE) your body will tell you what to eat and how much
is needed by it.
We want you to know that you are doing an admirable
job in your enthusiasm and courage in working with us!
What is coming, could not have happened without your
willingness to participate in the Birthing of the New Earth,
the New Love upon your Earth Mother! We are with you all
and as always, call us in and we will communicate when
needed. Good Night! See you All on the Bridge SOON!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Monday, September 3, 2007 11:50 pm
St. Germain
Good Morning to you My Dears! I’ve come to you this
night to speak of your future. There is much scurrying to
and fro in the halls of governments worldwide. Oh, to be
sure your Markets are being shaken to their core! There is
much going on that you are all sensing beyond your
television sets!
This is the beginning of the real change, as those who
have misled the People of the world are scampering about
in an effort to continue to hold their power and to keep the
status quo. While this will be uncomfortable for many, it
will be a time of learning. Never again will citizens of this
world allow themselves to be lulled as they have been by the
promises of those in power! Never again will they turn
away from the price that the Earth Mother has paid for
those goods that have been sold to them with the promises
of ease and happiness!
There will be a Great Learning, a Change of Heart in
the lives of many around the world. This is the appointed
Time for the next step in the growth of humanity! Your
bodies are already changing into their new Crystalline
structures and now your minds will change regarding your
connection and Total Dependence upon the Earth Mother!
One of the biggest changes that humanity will
experience is an attitudinal one regarding giving away
their own power for the False Promises of leaders who
would enslave them instead.
There will be a time of adjustment that will allow
for the old ways to fade away, the New will be
implemented as quickly as possible in accordance with
the Divine Plan. We have had much help from your
sisters and brothers from the Stars and we, and they
look forward to our Blessed Re-union!
We salute you all! We Bless you for your
Steadfastness in Holding The Light High for All to see!
We will have our Reunion before you know it! Be
Kind to each other until we meet again!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 4:01 am
I am Aod-One. I am a Paschat Warrior. We are
on the Blue Star. We are, as you know involved in
many tasks at this time on your World.
As the Agenda’s game begins to crumble before
their eyes, we ask you to hold your focus for the New
World that YOU ARE MAKING! All is in readiness
for that which you want to experience in your Now
Time. As you know and are probably tired of hearing
all is in Divine Timing. The Plan is working! We are
old friends. Earth has been a busy place for your
Family from the Stars. We look forward to our
encounters with you as much as you are anticipating
our Great Family Reunion!
We ask that you stay patient and Know that All is
Unfolding according to The Divine Plan! As you all
know, Your “job” at this time is to hold the Vision for
the Changes that are about to burst upon your
Beautiful Mother.
My Dears, Know that you are called Now and you
will be even more needed at the crumbling of your
existing governments.
We ask you to Live in Compassion, to Have
Compassion for All, as I say to you that there is NOT
Release Now, your habits of judgment! Release Now
those places within the Self where your little ego resides.
It is You who will change your Earth. We will help, to be
sure, but it is all of You, collectively, who will get the job
done. We are helping those who are “in the trenches” in
your halls of governments.
We ask you now, at this Critical time, to keep your
focus on the world as you wish it to be. We ask you to
Change Now! We ask you to radiate your Joy and Love,
to everyone in your life and to those that you pass on the
streets of your towns and cities. Send the Violet Ray of
Transmutation to all. Beam it from YOU to everyone, to
every living Being on the Earth Mother. This is Your
work at this time. Before too long you all will be called
upon to help those who will be very shocked at the
revelations about to be exposed to the people of Earth.
We bid you Adieu for now. Be at Peace, and STAY
Telepathic Communication By Spirit Eagle
Monday, September 17, 2007 6:00 pm
It is I, Ghondor , your Pleadian friend. Things are
moving along in Cosmic Order. You have passed the
point of no return sometime ago. You, the people of
earth, will never be the same again! You have passed all
expectations of your Star Sisters and Brothers! To be
sure, there are some rough times ahead, but it will be
nothing that you cannot handle. Think of it as a Spring
Cleaning in every area of your lives.
You are preparing for a New Season upon your
Earth Mother, a New Way of Be-ing. We are in awe and
in joy at the amount of change that has taken place in
the hearts and the minds of those of you walking the
planet today.
Those of you who have been diligently working to
create this New World will be given the task of assisting
those who are just waking up to the true reality of what
has been taking place within all of your societies. We ask
you to be at Peace and Oneness with all life upon and in
the earth. For it is You who will lead the way to the
Stars! This is Your Shining Hour! You have worked
diligently, in complete faith, for all of Humankind and
all sentient life upon the earth.
You will be inspired and nudged in your new
work to be accomplished in your next Phase. No
matter what is going on around you, stay in a place
of Peace within your hearts.
Hold the Space for All upon the Earth
Be a Beacon of LIGHT for ALL! Be a
Center of Calm regardless of what is going on
around you. And most importantly, Stay in Joy!
Spread this Joy to All around You. Your Family of
Light salutes you and honors the Work that you
are All doing! It has been good speaking with you
Goodnight and Rest Well in the arms of the Great
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Friday, December 14, 2007 11:43pm
Message from Dracos
I am from Dracos and the red that you see reflected
from me is a glimmer of our sun. We have been where you
are now experiencing on your Earth now. We have been
everything that you are now and have been in the past.
We are helping to change the destiny for the Great
Mother Earth and her peoples. We are helping in an
advisement capacity. We are relatively new to the Galactic
Federation Of Light Beings. We have laid down our swords
of hatred, control, and power. We now Stand in the Light
of Truth and Love and Compassion for All Beings
We are assisting the Federation in untwisting the
tangled threads from the minds of what you call the Dark
Cabal. We have been there, as you would say. And
relatively recently at that! We of Draco’s are honored to be
a part of this Great Endeavor of Oneness!
Love is the Only Answer Now! Love will bring all
situations to the Light of the One! No One is Beyond
Salvation! I am asking all who read this to hold Everyone
in the Light and to look with Compassion upon the
desperate deeds of those who are fighting for their lives (as
they know them). Emit this Light from your Beings for all
who are walking the Dark Path! Live the Compassion of
the Masters that you all are! Thank you for this
opportunity to speak to our beloved sisters and brothers of
the Light!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Tuesday, November 6, 2007 9:49 pm
The Healing that you seek Will happen! There is much
in need of Healing on your Planet. The Consciousness of
the people has contributed to much of the devastation and
illnesses on the Earth Mother. As the energies coming to
the Earth right now are constantly being raised they are
enhancing (it may feel more like forcing) all to deal with the
false beliefs which have followed you lifetime after lifetime.
Beliefs about, and IN illnesses and death’s inevitability are
just two.
You were originally given a Paradise and now Your
Earth Mother is struggling to heal from the Consciousness
that has harmed her Pristine Beauty. She loves you as a
Mother and wishes for you all to join her in her Ascension!
The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual
cleansing that is sweeping the Earth is preparatory to your
Ascension with her! THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS!
The muck and the mire of your minds, of your emotions
must be faced with courage and compassion for yourselves,
but face it you Must!
We, your family from the stars are merely a thought
away! We walk with you unseen and sometimes we walk in
the full flower of ourselves where you Can See us! We,
many of us, look like you for you are our Family!
As time is collapsing upon itself, your healing
processes will take less time than you may have
anticipated. This is how it is at this time.
We ask you to hold your Vision for your world and
how you wish it to be within the next three months. Your
Vision, your Thoughts will create the World and the
Society in which you wish to find yourselves!
I Am Mektuse and I say: Redouble your Efforts,
Shine your Vision for Your Future Across the World!
Only Way!
And we, your Star Sisters and Brothers will greet you
in the New Dawn of the Everlasting DAY!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
September 26, 2007 9:09 pm
St. Germain
The Freedom that you look for is here! It is in your
Hearts and in your Minds! The long dark road that you
have walked is at an end! This is the Decreed Time for the
End of the Stranglehold of the Slaves of the Dark upon
the Earth!
I am St. Germain and I come to you tonight to
proclaim the Truth of your Sovereignty and to Ring The
Bell of Freedom for All Life upon the Earth! You have all
come a long way in learning to Value Freedom and you are
now ready to Proclaim and to Live your lives as True
Daughters and Sons of Lady Liberty! Enough of you have
felt the pain of your actions and INACTION upon your
fellow travelers and upon the Earth Mother herself, and
this is enough to activate the Hearts within all of
Humanity! You are the Sons and Daughters of Liberty
come to Lead the people of the world to an elevated Spirit
Within The New Earth!
You have crossed the threshold of hesitation! More of
you have acknowledged that you Will No Longer Be
Bound by the Illusionary Will of the Enslavers!
What is coming to pass, what is happening right now
is the shift from the Agreement to participate, in the
“masks and mirrors game” that has dominated societies on
the Planet for Millennia.
You are the Way showers! You are the Freedom
Bearers! You are the Rainbow Warriors of the Light!
It now is in your Capable hands to Light the Torch of
Freedom whose Fire is Seen Around the World! Good
Work My Dears!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Tuesday, January 22, 2008 9:54pm
Good Morning Little One! As you know, I Am Ghondor.
We have been watching as many of you are beginning to step
into your next “assignments”. This is a natural progression in
these times as you All will soon know what your next
assignments are. No one will be left out! As you work
through those issues that remain within the Self, you will
make room for the next evolutionary step of your Soul’s Path.
Dear Ones, The Time IS NOW! You are living in a time
that was foretold by many of Earth’s cultures. You Are The
Lucky Ones! This is Your Time to break free of the old
limitations that have kept Humanity under the grinding
wheel of pain and repetition. This is The Healing Time!
This is your Liberation from the slavery under which you have
labored for thousands of years.
Know that the whole Galaxy is watching, waiting and
helping you. We, who are within your Solar System at this
time are as excited as you are by the Final Act of this very
long Play! Never doubt that you have all of the help that you
require. We, your Sisters and Brothers of Light Walk With
You on your Journey Back to the Stars! Good Night. Rest
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Tuesday, September 4, 2007 2:00 am
Yes, I am here now. I have come from another
dimensional system within this Galaxy. My aspect here is
one of freedom and love and Joy! We are All here at a
momentous and auspicious time in the evolutionary
pattern of the Earth Mother!
I Honor the Goddess. I Honor the Earth Mother! I
have incarnated for this lifetime on your Planet as an
aspect of the vanguard that is spreading Joy, and
Abundance and Love upon your Planet. We have come
from many places, from many Galaxies. We have come
into an incarnation at this time in order to be more easily
accepted by your people as ones who have been born to
Earth parents.
Our Soul Aspects have broadened the experiences of
Oneness within the Human Family. We bring Love for all
Beings upon the Earth. We, likewise, bring Truth into
the Human Experience and we bring freedom to BE, just
Be! We are the Heralds of the New Earth! We Sing the
Song of Love and Peace and Great JOY! We Know and
Live a Human Life and we know HOW to LIVE IT!!!
I Am You and You Are Me through Eternity! LET
THERE IS!!! “Good Night Sweet Princess and Flights of
Angels See Thee To Thy Rest” Starman
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Thursday, August 30, 2007 9:45 pm
Good Evening! We are pleased to see you back at the
computer! It is a fine evening in your part of the world, is
it not? We come to you from a Rainbow Ship. We are
from many worlds. Our primary objective is as Liaisons to
the people of Earth. I am Fedierico of the planet Arcturus,
your nearest neighbor planet.
I work with the Mind as what you would term a
Psychologist. Those of us who are human-like in
appearance will be some of the first on the ground. We will
be available for calming those who are distressed by the
many, quick changes about to flood your world. We have
Diplomats and those who are skilled in transmuting
energies of chaos and fear into calm and Love.
Those who are expecting us, even anticipating us with
great joy may have a bit of a flutter in your tummies when
we start to de-cloak our ships. Those Commanders on the
ground will be asked to report for duty Immediately. You
will begin the acclimatization of your communities to our
presence immediately. For everyone, know that this is your
finest hour! We know that for some of you the waiting and
anticipation has seemed endless. Yet we are on TIME! Just
in Time! The Goddess’ Time! And Past Time!
Although many of you have been waiting for years, you
will Still be surprised when the changes you have so looked
forward to, manifest on your radios and televisions.
So, our teams of Healers will be with you to help
smooth your transition into a Galactic Society. When
the first shocks have been weathered by humanity you
will begin the process of becoming a Galactic Society.
You will finally, consciously become a part of your
Galactic Family! You will be welcomed with open hearts
and open arms, if we have them, (HaHa a little joke
there). We will journey together in the Galaxy, we will
listen to the music of the Spheres, we will sing together
of homecoming, acceptance, and love reflected back in
the eyes of your star relatives. We will dance in the
skies of your Dreaming and we will paint the colors of
love through our fingertips! We are here! We are With
You! Many of us are on the ground right now!
Dream your Dreams of immediacy Now! Dream
your Dreams of Love, and Prosperity NOW! Dream it
into Reality. It is done! Goddess I Am! You are the
Dreamers! You are the Dreamers of the Rainbow Bridge!
You Bridge the Worlds and the Worlds between the
Worlds. From your Dream comes your New Earth! We
see your many-hued Lights from our ships and are
greatly heartened by this. Good Night! Sleep in the arms
of the Great Mother!
Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle
June 25, 2005
Kwan Yin
I speak to you this day of Joy! You know me. I am
here today to remind you that the surest way to what you
desire, to what you wish to be in your future is to Live the
Joy of that future NOW! Your future is made in your
Present and in your Yesterdays.
If you want a Bliss-filled world you will have to let
go of the Old World; the old world of your pain! There is
much to be joyful about. Walk through your days with
the awareness of LIFE expressing all around you! It is in
the sweet smile of a child. It is in the warm rain on your
face. It is in the smile of a loved one. It is in the
laughter between friends and in the touch of a lover.
Are you wondering about moneys and packets of
abundance? Are you rushing hither and yon to get the
“real scoop”? I say to you to Be In The Moment NOW!
All is under the Divine Plan so you might as well Live
The Joy Now! Start “practicing” JOY!
My Dears, when you are IN JOY, you attract JOY to
you! I ask you to remember WHO you ARE! I ask you
to walk in Confidence through your day. I ask you to
Live in Peace and to carry Peace as a Sacred Vessel within
your hearts! You are well Loved, all of you! Good Night
my Treasures!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Monday, August 20, 2007 11:36 pm
Magic is in the air! What you Speak Now is
manifested in the Light immediately! You have crossed
a border in your minds and hearts! It was a very easy
crossing into a crystalline power grid and beyond.
I am Tensien and have had many lifetimes on the
Earth Mother, Mother of All who traverse lifetimes of
Ages. Before my time on the Ships I was in Tibet as
an Enlightened One. I have seen many scourges upon
this planet and I have seen much beauty in the life of
the Soul as it has awakened to the Oneness of the All.
We, who have walked in your footsteps upon the
Earth Mother understand how it is with you. We
Rejoice in your Awakening from a long and troubled
sleep! We watch with satisfaction as you have become
an Army of Light! You are bringing that Light to
Every corner of the Earth Mother!
Affirm all that is Goodness and Beauty and Joy in
your world. Be at peace with all for it is you,
collectively, who are The Emissaries of Light! Take the
time to listen to those who are troubled; there are many
who need someone to talk to. Reassure those who are
in fear. You have all “been there” too! Give of
yourselves in Joy and that Joy will grow and GLOW
UPON THIS WORLD! Hold to your dreams
(visualizations) of your future, of your New World!
Be as a mountain in a storm. A place of safety for
all who need your shelter! We, Ascended Masters are
but a thought away. We walk with you and assist.
Just call upon us when you need assistance!
We Love you and your persistence in your
Mission. You are very near to the end of the duality.
All will be redressed as it should be. Good Night and
Thank The Mother for the life She has given you!
Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle
Friday, July 20, 2007 11:33 pm
I am Her-os. I am of the Galactic Federation of
Light, as you term us. I have had duties in the Halls of
Power on your Planet. I am one on the ground who is
negotiating a peaceful transition from the dark control of
your enslavers to a New Society based upon Love,
Compassion and Justice for Humanity and All Beings on
the Earth.
There has been much duplicitous behavior in some.
That has been a problem in the past. We have learned
valuable lessons in dealing with the humans who have
been in power. The word has gone out that The Time Is
Up! It is clear that the People of the Earth want an end
to the daily suffering and privations that their sisters and
brothers in all Kingdoms of Mother Earth’s progeny are
Free Will Choice Has Been Made! Remember, that
you all are Active Participants in the Changes that you
have awaited. You are Co-Creators of your New Reality!
This is Not being done FOR you; it is being done WITH
you! Humans have taken orders (albeit unconsciously)
from your Controllers for Lifetimes and because of this, it
has been a leap for you to Really Understand the power
that resides in you.
You have been told that you are Awakening Ascended
Masters. What does it take to Awake to your Full
Mastership? Your Decision to drop the little persona and
to stand in your Power of Mastership!
Up until this point in Time you have been guided
DROP THE “little me”. Walk into your new life of
awareness and strength as Beings who Know that you
can do all things that you want to do! It is Your New
World. How do you want it to be? WHEN do you want
it to be? Your Spiritual Adolescence is over! The
Human Family of Earth will become a new member of
the Galactic Federation of Light. We are Equals! Let
go of the Little Child image. We will meet as equals. It
is time for another way of living on your Mother, the
Earth. I await your answer.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Sunday, January 7, 2007 8:49 pm
Nalda and Ephros
The Light is Unstoppable Now! It flows across the
Earth in increasing waves of brightness! Now is the time
to hold your focus for the world as it already is in the
next dimensions.
We are Nalda and Ephros from the ship, Balamane.
Our world is one which is populated by what you term
“Centaurs”. We have Human ancestry as well as Horse
ancestry. Because you have believed in us in your old
stories Only, we will be in the Second Wave to land upon
your world during Open Contact. Your Horse People are
our legacy from the times when we visited your Planet in
ages past. We are now, and were then, Great Warriors of
the Light.
In the Horse, we have left you Our Legacy of
Freedom and Power! At this time on your world we ask
you to look to the Horse People and emulate their
Intelligence, Independence, Grace, Dignity, Strength,
Power and Freedom. At this Moment In Time the
Energy of Freedom is racing across the World! It is
stirring within the souls of Humanity: an imperative that
Must be Fulfilled!
We look with Love as more people begin to
communicate with what you call, “Animals”. No longer
“dumb”, are they? Finally, Humans in your Time are
awaking to the fact that ALL ON MOTHER EARTH ARE
ONE FAMILY! Humans are Not on top of the Pyramid of
intelligence or spirituality!
It is imperative that you all Feel the Freedom of your
Souls! You are One with Creator, with All Life in the
Universes! No One Can Enslave You Unless You Allow it!
You allow your slavery by looking to others to Take Care
Of You! Be as The Horse! Feel Your Power! BE YOUR
FREEDOM! Run with the wind in your faces! BE THE
SOVEREIGN Humans that you ARE!
We watch as you Wake UP to your SOVEREIGNTY!
Fly with the Wings of Pegasus, into the Birth of your New
Earth! We are with you!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Thursday, Jan 18, 2007 8:34 pm
Morat and Moratuse
I am Morat, Moratuse is with me. We are Warriors
of the Light. We have been in observation of your Planet
wide negotiations with the Nations of Stars. We have
decided to monitor the so-called “average people” in your
everyday surroundings. We find you a diverse and
fascinating group of souls. You have a very strong Will to
survive despite the enslavement you are subjected to
throughout your lives.
Those of you who are waking up to this enslavement
are moving mountains. ( a good visual, that!) You are
bringing about the changes on your Planet with ever
greater Will and Determination despite what your
Controllers tell you! The people on the Planet are
reaching a point of Critical Mass, a juncture in which
DIVINITY! It is a joy to watch!
Moratuse speaks: If you must listen to the news,
bear in mind just who writes the scripts! Remember that
you are only allowed to hear what those who control
want you to hear. If you can observe and know that the
story being presented is being skewed to keep you under
by all means observe the Machiavellian scripts being
presented for your Disinformation!
Know that before too long you will see our great
Armada in your skies. You will dance in joy and relief! In
fact, dust off your dancing slippers for you will dance
amongst the Stars!
We are most honored to participate in the negotiations,
planning and execution of the world-wide changes that are
even now, happening! Good Night from Us to You! The
Goddess Enfolds You!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
December 12, 2006 8:49 pm
Tulos, Jenitian, Cronos
Yes, your Paschat sees us! We haven’t visited you before.
It is a great pleasure to do so! We have been waiting for the
auspicious moment to communicate with our Earth Family.
We are from Andromeda. We are Tulos and Jenitian.
We have joined with the many civilizations who are visiting
your Solar System. As the moment becomes near for your
leap into a Galactic Society the excitement grows. We are
watching you grow in leaps and bounds. Many life lessons are
coming to you in order to Own and then Release! It is The
Path of the Peaceful Warrior that you must walk now!
Quite a few of us are on your world these days. We watch you
in your interactions with one another and are well-pleased.
You seem to be “getting it”…the mysterious “it”.
Watch your skies! There are a few surprises there! In
order to see them you must look up! We must stop this
transmission now as there is another who wishes a word
tonight. We leave you with the reminder to use the Sword of
Michael to bring Truth where there are lies and to bring
courage to those in need of it! Be Blessed Dear Sisters and
Brothers In The Light!
I am Cronos of the Crystalline planet Bhur-in-a. We are
that which you are in the process of becoming! Your carbon-
based bodies are changing into crystalline structures. The
changes that you are experiencing will be enhanced and the
symptoms of discomfort will be alleviated if you work with
The Crystals.
We suggest that you use whatever type, color, or size
crystal that you are drawn to at this time. Some may want to
put them under their pillows at night or place them on sore
parts of the body. Some may want to anchor the wonderful
energies coming to your Planet by placing them on or in
certain Power Points abound the Earth. You may do this
with Intention for an easy transition for All on, below and
above the Earth Mother. Remember, She is changing too!!!
Remember Crystal Power! The Earth’s Crystals are a
tool that you can all use to enhance the growth of all at this
time! Be gentle and loving with them as they are all a part
of Creator just as EVERYTHING on your Earth Mother is.
The Crystal People will help you to align your bodies in a
gentle way so that you all will transition in an easier
manner. We have walked your Planet and communicated an
extra boost in energy to all of our sisters and brothers (the
Crystals) on your Planet. All you have to do is to seek and
find a crystal and use it with our Blessings! SING THE
Rest in the Arms of the Mother!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
October 24, 2006 8:05 pm
We have loved you humans for aeons of time. We
have been with you in the infancy of your Dear Mother
Earth, the Sparkling Blue Jewel of the Galaxy. We have
lived for a time with you and taught you in your infancy
when your Mother, the Earth was in her beginnings. It Is
true that we left some of our family with you (albeit in
smaller bodies) when we departed from your planet. The
Felines of your world will show you how to live, if you but
observe them and apply their impeccability into your own
Gre-go-ri is my name. Yes, we just passed over your
home. The ship is the Blue Star Kachina. We are Mother
Goddess’ Warriors. I am a Paschat Warrior! We are here to
ask you to prepare for the Transfiguration upon your world.
Look to the Feline Kingdom for direction on how to
prepare your body, mind and spirit. It is simple, just observe
your “helpers”. Take “catnaps” when you can, rest in the
sunshine, allow yourselves to play, hug each other, be playful
with each other and listen with a kind heart and take time
for yourselves to be alone in the starlight.
There are a few leaders on your world who are strong in
the Light. We are protecting them. Yes, there Really are a
few in prominent positions who are women and men of
Light! We will not allow one hair of their heads to be
We have done extensive work in Iraq and other parts of
the Middle East as well as in other trouble spots (ha! an odd
Sounds so little, like a spot on a cloth but each spot is
a place of so much pain and misery.
We are looking forward to a swift end to this duality
game. You may feel that it is a slow process, but you must
remember that you are changing at warp speed! Your bodies
are going through major changes, your minds are opening to
possibilities that were not in your language ten years ago
and you are already wavering between dimensions much of
the time! Your growth has been phenomenal. You have
been enthusiastic students of Life (Light) What the Paschat
Warriors are here to do along with the rest of your Star
Family, would not have been possible even five years ago!
You Are Ready Now!
Yes, we are Big! I am 14 feet tall by your
measurements. We are Warriors of Light! Our swords are
the Light. That is our strength. And the Light is Your
Be in readiness, and Be Calm! When the Call comes,
be in Joy! Be prepared to lend your strength and confidence
in the procedures and revelations to those who need them.
We will be with you on the ships for the final phase of the
Briefing. Good Night Dear One! Sleep in The Arms of the
Mother this night!
Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle
July 10, 2005 12:30 AM
I am Celeste of the Azalea Light. We have been
more or less stationary over Italy for some months. We
have been monitoring and sometimes participating in
Diplomatic relations with the Vatican (church)
government. There is much to be discussed in relation
to how this very rich church (among many on your
Planet) will ease the Transition for the People of the
world. We have encountered many of the Cabal within
its’ ranks. They are not too happy about relinquishing
their authority to a Higher Authority. We are not
overly concerned about this as they will have no choice
in the matter, for now Everyone is given the
opportunity to work in the Light. The Choice is up to
each individual.
It is interesting to see how uncomfortable these
men are in dealing with an “extraterestrial female”
Ambassador. The Church has done much to harm the
female upon your Planet but there is now a movement
to rectify this grave injustice. We, as always are
optimistic that Love will prevail in the Heart of
Yes, the Azalea Light IS the color of Azalea with a
metallic hue. Yes, it is very calming to be on our ship.
This aura of calm brings a sense of confidence in us to
our Diplomatic negotiations. When you find yourselves
in an overly stressed state of mind, bathe yourselves in
the Azalea Flame. You will be calm, yet alert.
Most of us on the Azalea Light are from Lyra. We
are pleased and honored to participate is this greatest
of adventures. Many of us have not done this before.
At any rate your Mother Earth’s and your Ascension
are unique in this Galaxy. You are speeding into the
Light! It may not seem so to you but I assure you
that you are Flying!
We Bless you and Honor you for the Courage
and Determination that you are LIVING! Keep
Calm, continue in your determination to create a New
World. We welcome you to the Galactic Federation!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Saturday, July 1, 2006 1:37 am
Peace be with you! Peace Be Upon This, your
Planet! We are happy to be with you all this night! We
are from the Nazathreen and we are a part of the Forces
observing the End of this Grand Experiment. I am
Clothetilda. We are from the Sirius system. We want
you to remember to keep yourselves in non-judgement.
As events are unfolding and escalating on Mother Earth it
is important to keep yourselves in your Center where the
Best of Who you are resides.
The intensity of energies transmitting to the Earth
have been amplified. This is speeding the process towards
your Ascension. What is happening in your personal lives
is expediting the clearing of personal issues which have
been with you through many lifetimes. This is your final
Cleanse of the Old thoughtforms and of the intolerance
to the Light.
Do Not be discouraged, for you Are at the END of this
long dark tunnel which humanity has trudged, through
aeons of time.
We ask that you be the observer who puts aside
judgement of those who have harmed the Earth and who
have made you their mostly -willing slaves. When all is
revealed even those of you who have educated yourselves
about the nefarious deeds of your governments and
related institutions may be stunned! Know that in order
for healing to take place the wound must be lanced and
that is what will happen soon.
We see you and know you as great Beings of
Light. You are our sisters and brothers in the Light!
We are looking forward to our grand re-union which is
just over the horizon. We love you and bless you and
in your quiet moments, listen and you will hear us and
feel our strength and encouragement that we are
pouring onto the Earth at this time. Good Night Dear
Ones! Sleep in the Blessed Arms of the Great
Goddess! She will sweeten your dreams and guide you
home to your Self!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Thursday, August 25, 2005 12: 55 AM
I am Balthsor of the TwinStar. We are an Insectoid race who
have evolved on various Planets in this Galaxy. We have
come to observe and to help as needed in your evolutionary
leap into higher dimensions. Your Planet is already birthing
your New Earth. She is stretching and shaking off the debris
of civilizations. She is preparing herself for her leap, of
which you are a part, into higher planes of existence.
As people awaken to who they truly are, this leap will be
easier than you can imagine! We are talking about
Consciously going forth into a New Way or should we say a
new OLD way of thinking and being? You came here in
Ascended form and you will awaken to that knowledge in the
innermost corners of your Beings. For THERE is your
Power. It is a great power to Love, to be detached from
drama, yet to Live Compassion.
It is only a remembrance; you need only turn a corner and
you are face to face with YOU, in all of your glory, in all of
your lovingness, in all of your Divine Simplicity!
We see beneath the illusory veils of your belief systems, we see
you as you Really Are! Great and Beautiful and Powerful
Beings! We Salute You with Joy in your newly found
Freedom from Illusion! We are cheering you on! You are
loved beyond measure!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
March 2, 2006 11:30pm
We are within your Solar System now. I am Ker-ton-
tec of the Blue Star. I am one of many Paschat
Warriors who have come back to your Planet to assist in
this Transition. We have also been checking on our
sisters and brothers whose ancestors we left with yours
to teach them how to live in the Light of the One.
We are Warriors of the Light! We gird ourselves with
the armor of Truth, of Light, of Love and of Oneness.
We live by the Law of One. We teach the Law of One.
We are peaceful and peace-filled. We have served
humanity in your evolution into the great Beings that
you ARE! We have never left you! Look around and
you will know that we are here in the millions!
Call on us when there is immediate need and we
will be with you! Know that at least two of us will arrive
and bolster your courage!
The Goddess walks the Earth! She is the One Who
Will Say The Word and all of the old, crumbling fear-
filled illusions will shatter into millions of pieces and re-
form into a new Earth, a new Direction, a new and
everlasting Oneness for All Beings upon your Planet.
Dear Sisters, Dear Brothers know that we are by
your sides. When your courage is in need of bolstering,
Call Us! We will be with you in the blink of a Cat’s
You are Formidable like us!!! And don’t you forget it!!!
We Love you and ask you to put on your armor and be
ready for your call to action! You are needed now!
Rest now, in the Arms of The Mother.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Thursday, February 2, 2006 3:00 pm
Ho Ho! We see you are back with us again! We are
pleased to know that you are back with us in the land of
the LIVING, tip-toeing through the tulips of time! Ha
Ha Ha, that is a good expression, is it not??? I see a
ghost of a smile on your face, let me see your teeth! Yes,
it is Hermes again!
Can you see my rather large feet tip-toeing through
the tulips? Ha Ha Ha! (Hermes is 10 feet tall give or
take a foot) See, you have made a joke without trying!
As you all know, this past month or so, has been a
particularly intense time in your country; many agonies
have been enacted; you have felt the suffering of so many
thousands of traumatised and disenfranchised sisters and
brothers knowing all along that it could have been you in
that terrible rocking, and leaking boat being buffeted by a
Very ill wind that was manufactured by those who can no
longer FEEL mercy or Love.
The terrible abandonment of so many people has
touched a core of knowledge within those who have shut
their eyes to the merciless cruelties of your government. I
will not tell you that this was in the Plan of the One; I
Will tell you that as is said, “All things work together for
the good”. (although it hasn’t Felt good!).
We have NOT abandoned you! You have but to
open your hearts and we are there! We are not separate
from you! We walk together on this path of Light to the
I, Hermes, ask you to create your dreams into reality
and to start that now. When you take one step towards
your dreams you are taking Action to make them a
Reality NOW. Visualization is good, but is not the only
thing to do. At this time take steps as though you
already Have the money and other resources that you
need. Make inquiries, look for land for your projects,
find out How to form entities for your Humanitarian
Projects. Do the legwork, (HA, Feet again!) work to
accomplish your goals and create your dreams into
Reality. Do it NOW!
We are working with those who are bringing the
proof and the truth to the people. We are in the midst
of the changes that you are awaiting. We are asking
you to Begin Now to make your dreams come true and
you will find your whole reality changing on the inner
and on the outer. And one morning you will awake to
the clarion call of a New Day on Mother Earth and a
New Life for all Beings on Her!
Telepathically Communication by Spirit Eagle
September 25, 2005 11:45 PM
I am Amitra. I am a Singer of the Stars. I am One
with your Devic Kingdom. It was I today who impressed
upon you, the Singing to Life of the Plant Kingdom. On my
planet we harmonize with all of life in this way. Because your
Dear Planet is so filled with toxins it would help her and
your plants to sing to them when you plant the seeds and
when you transplant into your gardens. Sing to the trees in
your woodlots and in your forests and in your Parks. Sing to
the grasses and flowers; sing in joy and celebration of ALL
Life! Sing to your oceans, and ponds and streams and the
water that you drink!
When your hearts are full of Life’s Joy, ALL OF
CREATION responds to your Peaceful Hearts. You cannot
be in disharmony when you are singing. The act of singing
lifts the spirit, thereby lifting the vibration of everything
around you.
If you are unable to sing harmoniously, do not be
concerned because it is what is IN YOUR Heart that is heard
by all of Creation. Please do not take yourselves too
Remember that your Star Sisters and Brothers are
assisting in the changes that are upon you. YOU ARE NOT
ALONE!!! We take your hands and walk with you into a
New World of YOUR Making! We, on the Song of Life,
Salute you!
You are not inconsequential; you are Great and
Powerful Spiritual Beings! Never before have you
been at this place of Awakening since you came to this
beautiful Planet Earth.
There is nothing to fear; fear is an illusion. It is a
choice you make! Life and Love are real. Let go of fear
and you will confidently walk into your future (which is
your Present) and Create your New Harmonious Life!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Monday, June 5, 2006, 1:00 am
Loreli and Mektuse
We are your sisters in Light. We are Loreli and
Mektuse. We are the Singers of the Dawn, the
Lightbearers of the Night. We are the painters of your
trees and flowers and everything upon your Dear Earth.
We are a part of you and we are a part of your sisters and
brothers from the stars. We are the Elementals who
create your world according to Creator’s Plan. We have
been here from the beginning as you have. We have
worked with what some call the Star People in the
beginning when Mother Earth was young when she was
forming and refining her surface and her elements.
We have, of late been working (and playing) with
them again! It has been refreshing to be acknowledged
and to work with those who are aware of us and Our
Work. Some of us have been working with those inter-
planetary Beings in the waters of Mother Earth. Some
have been assisted by those who can help in restoring the
soils. They are cleansing the atmosphere as much as is
possible before Open Contact. We have been most
gratified to experience the Cleanup on many parts of our
Dear Mother by our Inter-planetary sisters and
We are told that much more will be accomplished
and rather quickly when there is Open Contact. We
want you to know that we DO exist and have assisted
humankind throughout your sojourn on Earth and will
continue to do so.
You have made our jobs quite difficult by your
lifestyles. We have been told that they will change and
harmony between people and other Beings on your planet
will be a way of life. Your headlong rush to extinction will
come to a halt.
What you call your “natural world” IS NOT
SEPARATE from YOU! Inner Harmony is the gift that
Nature gives to you if you will open yourselves to it. Be
outside and thank the trees; talk to them. Lie on the ground
and feel Life pulsating throughout your bodies. Cleanse
yourselves in the waters and bless those waters and be
grateful for the miracles of all of life. BE THANKFUL for
all that is of the Earth. Give Love to all who are alive on the
Mother from the microscopic to the colossal. Say Thank
You! I Love You! You Are Amazingly Beautiful! All forms
of Life smile in their own way when they are loved.
We give you a task if you wish to play. It is to go
outside and intently with your minds, hearts and perceptions
open Look For US! We will let you know we are there!
You may see us in a tree or a rock or in the sparkling water.
We are happy to have had the opportunity to speak to you
all! Now, Go Outside and PLAY! Good Night! We will
sing you to sleep this night !
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
August 18, 2005 12:05 am
You ask about healings? Yes, we are still helping
humanity with physical and other healings. You may ask
for assistance and you will be transported to our ships at
night in your Dreamtime. I am Khex-ke-ou. I am a
Medical Officer on the Atoura. There is much illness on
your Planet that is the direct result of the environmental
toxins that plague your societies. The biggest contributors
to the environmental load are those generated by your
thoughts. Your thoughts of helplessness, despair and
frustration set you up for dis-ease. (physical, mental,
There is much to be remembered and much more to
Humanity appears to have forgotten this basic truth. This
is Your world, take care of it! In the past it seems to have
been easier to ignore this basic reality of all worlds.
Easier to drive polluting vehicles, microwave foods
because it is quick, ignore the extinction of species on
your world, pretending that they don’t matter and it will
have no effect on you and your lifestyles. Now, you are
finally understanding the interrelatedness of All Life!
We are joyously awaiting our interactions with you all
after Open Contact! In the meantime if you need our
help, just ask us before you go to sleep and you will come
aboard the Atoura or another Ship for healing.
I am a Paschat assigned to the Atoura. You all are
greatly loved and we will rejoice with you when you
experience Freedom in every area of your lives again!
I will leave you with an Assignment. Use your Minds
to Transmute! Use your Minds to Heal! Visualize the
Healing ACCOMPLISHED! Bless the waters, bless your
food, bless all on the Earth Mother, and clean the unclean
by seeing it cleansed and in Love and in Light! USE the
power of your Minds AGAIN!!!! YOU are Ascended
Masters! Remember, Remember, Remember……….
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
August 27, 2006 11:11 pm
Jarrold and Elise
Greetings! We send you good cheer and our great love
for you! We are Jarrold and Elise of the Federation ship the
Donameur. We have been participating in the proceedings as
Galactic Ambassadors. We have been on your world for
periods of time in negotiations that haven’t always gone too
well. That is, up until now!
We have worked with many other Ambassadors from
other ships who have been in negotiations with your people
on the ground. (around the world) The proceedings are going
well at this time. As you know now, that has not always been
the situation.
We are aware of your impatience and discouragement at
times, but we ask that you not lose heart. You are about to
embark upon new territory, a new way of relating to each
other with an introduction to your Galactic Family.
We will be moving equipment onto your world as soon
as Open Contact and the NESARA implementations have
been accomplished. This equipment is for the clean-up of
your environment, particularly your atmosphere. The
environmental degradation and consequent reduction of
atmospheric oxygen is of paramount importance and is one
of our first priorities.
The covert weapons that have been used on the world’s
people have accelerated the pollution of your atmosphere and
the reduction of atmospheric oxygen.
Your Space Programs in various countries have not been
as benign as they have told the people. Those who make
plans and implementations for control of your world have
become insane with Power and will stop at nothing to
achieve their goals. They are in the throes of a Dark Sickness
that would destroy all if they cannot have their way.
We have decreed that their destructive plans will NOT
see fruition! And my Dears, YOU have decreed it also by
your faithfulness to the Light, by your insistence that you will
Love, no matter what or whom and by your Will to no longer
be afraid, and by your determination to take your Power back
and to take your Earth back from those who would destroy
her. You are Sovereign Beings and you are behaving as such
and we are proud of you for coming to this place in such a
short time!
You are loved, honored and cherished by us! Stand in
YOUR STRENGTH! There is nothing weak about you!
Hold yourselves proudly and know that nothing can stop this
rush to glorious reunion with your Galactic Family!
IT IS Done! And So It Is! Beloved I AM!
We will see you on the Ships! Good Night my Dears!
Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle
July 16, 2005 12:27 AM
Breddew and Gresceod
Greetings to you this lovely evening! Peace be with
you in your days and nights! There is a Peace within the
hearts of many at this time. You are children of the ALL
that IS and are at Onement with your sisters and brothers
from the stars and those who inhabit the Earth with you.
They are the Elemental’s and what you term the Plant and
Animal Kingdoms.
We are very pleased to be here helping with the
Ascension process. We are your sisters from Pletara in
your Galaxy. We have been here for many years nudging
you and inspiring you to implement the balancing of the
feminine and masculine energies on your planet for
without this there was no hope for your continuance.
The overbalance of the masculine has reaped a plague of
destruction on all systems of your Earth’s environment.
With the Goddess’ energies on the planet at this time
the re-balancing has begun and you will find that many are
awakening to the consequences of disrespect for your home
planet. With the Goddess Awakening there will be a new
awareness of the Goddess in every woman on your planet.
She will be respected through her daughters as the Giver of
Life. And her daughters will respect themselves and love
themselves again into forever.
I am Breddew of the Galactic Federation of Light.
My ship is the Avalon and we are frolicking in your skies
waiting for our Open interactions with you! Our Medical
Officer wants a word with you. I will say Good Night!
I am Gresceod and wish a short communication with
you. Many women on your planet have various mental and
emotional ills that are plaguing them at this time. This is
related to what Breddew spoke of, the over-balancing of
the masculine energies here. We are, and will continue to
help you. We ask that you be good to yourselves and to see
the beauty within you, and the loveableness of each of the
Goddesses daughters. You are Pearls Beyond Price, you
are bringers of Beauty and Love AND LIFE! You Are
love. Love who you are! We will continue to work with
you all.
I do not forget the Brothers for you too, are plagued
with illnesses of the mind and emotions. For aeons of
time you have been forbidden to feel. You have been
discouraged from allowing your sensitive Feminine side to
surface. You have been encouraged to kill your brothers in
warring without the concern for how it has effected your
souls and your minds. Be at peace Dear Brothers for you
are dearly loved by the Goddess and she’s awaits the
pending day when you too, will heal from what has been
done to you. On that day you will sing Her praises with
infinite joy! I bid you good night! Sleep in the loving
arms of the Great Mother!
Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle
July 27, 2005 12:25 AM
Jon ‘elle
I come to your time to speak to you of healing.
I am the Kofuto Master, Jon ‘elle. I learned my craft
thousands of your years ago in the times before Atlantis
sank beneath the waves.
Our Healing modalities have been brought back to
Earth with the incarnating former Atlanteans. In those
days we had healing temples somewhat like your hospitals
but with much more “atmosphere”. There were places of
color healing in which the person experienced the
vibratory color needed to heal them. There were sound
healing rooms for the same purpose. We also had
Counselors for Psychological and Spiritual illnesses.
They were very effective in alleviating the symptoms and
in curing Mental illnesses.
Those who worked in these Temples are back in
other bodies on your Earth now. They are receiving great
assistance from those of us who are on other planes of
existence and who are assisting in the Healing of All Life
on Earth. We give you the gift of Healing when you call
upon us! We are ever watchful, ever vigilant in
monitoring your overall well being and that of other life
forms as well of Earth Herself. Just call upon The
Kofutu Masters for help in any physical, spiritual, or
mental problems you may have at this time. We are here!
We Bless you with Infinite Healing and Abundance
in every aspect of your lives! Adonai
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
November 30, 2006 8:39 pm
Mon takka
Your Crystalline Light Bodies are being activated now.
As you rise in Consciousness as the waves of energy from
the Great Central Sun envelope your Earth, your DNA is
changing from Carbon-based to Crystalline form. This re-
wiring of the physical body is mirrored in your
Consciousness as it too, is changing.
This is a good time to work with Crystals and to
“plant” them in places that you perceive as needing
balancing. Put your intention into the Crystals and
visualize them balancing those areas where they are placed.
Their broadcasting energy can cover miles. Use Strong
Intent when you do this!
I am Mon takka. I am on the Crystalline Light. Our
Planet is mostly Crystalline- structured. Use your crystals
at this time to work with your whole Being (Body, Mind,
and Spirit).
The Crystals within your Earth’s core are being
activated at this time also. You and all Beings on Earth are
beginning to resonate with Crystalline Light and Love
Energy. You can use the Crystals to radiate Love and as a
barrier to protect from harmful emanations that mis-users
of Earth’s waves change in order to control you and sicken
your bodies. There is much more to Consciousness than is
realized at their vibrational level!
We look forward to watching your work with the
Crystals and we know you will do wondrous things to help
balance yourselves and All Beings on the Earth as well as
the Earth Mother Herself! Blessings in Oneness Dear
Sisters and Brothers!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
January 9, 2007 6:13 pm
Oh, Ho! You have some Joy Now! A little re-
enforcement sent your way! Your Paschat Warrior led you
outside. Did he not? Many people saw the ship in your
Northwest! It WAS a beautiful site! You will be seeing
more of this in your skies now. It may not become “old
hat” but you will begin to see us more in a blatant way as
preparation for our Official Debut on your planet.
All is unfolding as it should. Continue the work on
yourselves, through the labyrinth of your Minds, Hearts
and Souls. Live the Honesty of a child! ALLOW
yourselves to FEEL Joy! Laugh at your foibles! Encourage
each other in your Journey!
We are Watching you! HO HO! Do you feel a
million eyes upon you?? No, there IS NO privacy!
Feeling a little uncomfortable?
I am expecting to look Very Handsome in the portrait
you will do of me! What do you mean, “you don’t have
much to work with”? It is good to have you back
communicating with us in a more direct way. You of
course, know that I am Hermes. You are treasured. Sleep
this night in the Arms of the Great Mother!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Friday, March 17, 2007 11:19 pm
The Place of your choosing on the Mountain will be a
place from which the three attempted to avert the Disaster in
the final Days (years) of Lemuria.. That which you were
unable to accomplish THEN, will be accomplished NOW!
You are stopping the Dark Forces in their tracks Before they
implement an even larger catastrophe upon your Beautiful
Planet. The Implements are in place and operating. They
will NOT go to full power as they intend, when they believe
that their reign upon the Earth is over! Neither This Planet
Nor the Life upon Her will be destroyed! I Am taking care of
Just as you, I have learned many lessons over lifetimes of
experience. It is fitting that I, who destroyed so much, am
putting forth my Love, my Light, and my Experience to avert
a similar disaster for the Mother, the Earth.
The Goddess walks with me as she walks with you!
Listen to her promptings! She will guide you to your heart
center where ALL Love resides!
We will be with you in these next days in surety that you
will do what must be done! Rest now and Rest in the Arms of
your Mother The Earth! You, the children of Earth are now
the supreme protectors of your Mother! I am Marduk!
Ah, but you knew that!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
Thursday, February 1, 2007 7:50 pm
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She has worked as an Anthropologist, an
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