Relay Relay Relay – Mother Mary

Relay Relay Relay – Mother Mary 7/16/2023

The storm is upon you. Ask yourselves how you can help humanity to rise as the Earth rises into Higher Dimensions. What work have you done within yourselves to be a better man or woman? Have you held yourselves to a high standard of integrity, of caring, of loving All of the Earth and Humanity? Do you still pretend that you are something that you are not, to yourselves? Or are you honest in delving within, seeing and feeling who you truly are? If you are using your old tools to avoid your truth in expressing in the world, please look again. This is a time for vulnerability and open heartedness. There is always room in God’s plan for heart-felt remorse and a decision to change your old behaviors of looking away from truth. Because you are fighting in the army of the Light you must Be The Light. This means being vulnerable to the truth of who you are. The time draws short for dawdling in the child’s realm of “one more chance.” Some of you have grabbed onto the ball of Light and are flying with it. And some of you have missed the ball and fell back to Earth, and old habits of thinking. Ask yourselves what it is that you truly want? Do you just want escape into the Higher Dimensions without completing the work that you have avoided within the 3rd dimensional reality? Only you can truthfully answer this. 

The LightWorkers are called to action. Remember that you have free will choice. You can wait for a later time and step aside. Or, you can step forward and embrace the truth of who you are and go forth into the future with the Earth and with those others that are ready Now! 

It is up to you all to make that decision for yourselves. You have had the help of Heaven and the Heavenly Realms throughout. Now is the Call To Action!!!

You are all loved, no matter your choices. For those who have done the work and they are ready for this moment, “we will see you on the bridge”. Ah-ha!  Mother Mary

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 7/16/2023