Relay Relay Relay – Mother Mary

Relay Relay Relay Mother Mary

You are on the precipice of the Change that you have been awaiting. Prepare. While change has been difficult for you all, it has been necessary for All of you who are on the path of the Light to face yourselves in order to change what you have created. We, of the Higher Realms have guided you in this, but it is up to you to have made this change within. Those who are steadfast in pursuing the Light Within and facing the darkness while bringing more light and truth to your being will fare better than the others. This is a time of testing of your commitment to the Light of the One, and to your commitments to the growth of yourselves. This is a time when all Men and Women are called to action and to drop the childhood personas of the child. The actions that must be felt and eventually accomplished are through love of self and honor and integrity of self with others.

Mother Mary

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle


1:20 AM