Relay Relay Relay: Durga – 10/21/2022

I am the Goddess Durga. I come to you this night to remind you that this is the time for Change on your planet. This means, that you must all release the darkness, the ego within. I speak to you, the Adults, of this planet tonight. Many of you have become aware and some of you have Allowed yourselves to be willing to see your part in the degradation and inhumanity that you have all participated in. Life may seem uncomfortable for many of you, for others, it is absolute Agony. Step out of your comfort zones, open up your eyes, open up your hearts, and let reality in! Those who are fighting to save the children and animals who are being trafficked, abused and tortured need your support now. We are speaking to you of spiritual integrity, That is support. You must All take responsibility for what you do in times of self-indulgence and slackness of spirit. You Are contributing to allowing the torture and horrors inflicted upon the children and animals on this planet, at this time. You may not see it before your very eyes, but it is happening now. There are warriors from all over the planet Earth who are literally rescuing these children and animals, those who are still alive. Those of you on the surface of the planet who keep resisting the ugly truths being revealed at this time must be the warriors of Integrity on the side of the Light of the Christed One rather than turning your heads away from a reality that is very difficult for human beings to face. You may turn away your faces, but that will only result in more children and animals being harmed and tortured in unspeakable ways, as is happening and has been happening for a very long time. In Western society, it has been easier for you to turn away and not look too deeply to what has been going on under your nose so to speak. This self indulgence has to stop Now! Remember that the Earth Herself is Ascending and if you do not clean up the closets of your own souls and bring forth your own courage into the Light, you will be staying with the old world. Your vibratory levels have to coalesce with the New and with higher consciousness. If you ignore the Truth of what is coming to your attention at this time, then you are not ready for higher dimensional living. You have thousands of Angels and others to help you in clearing the Darkness from your own souls, if you but WILL it so. Would you like to be one of those little children crying out for help that isn’t there? Or would you prefer to be True Warriors of the Light?

I keep hearing that the Earth’s population wants the New, but it seems to be unwilling to do the work that must be done within you and without. There are roads ahead not yet traveled and there are roads ahead, a continuation of the past: the degradation, cruelty, and harm done to humans beings, animals and the Earth Herself. Which path will YOU follow? I call upon Humanity to do what you came here to do, to walk into the New, and be the courageous warriors that I know you to be, if you but Have the Will! YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW!!! HOLD YOURSELVES IN HIGH INTEGRITY OF SPIRIT AND WILL. YOU ALL HAVE OFF-PLANET HELP FROM THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT AND THE ASCENDED MASTERS WHO WALK WITH YOU NOW. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW!!! BE THE ADULTS OF THIS WORLD. BE THE LEADERS FOR THE LIGHT OF THE CHRISTED ONE. AH-HO!

Come along and join with me and the Army of the Light, purify yourselves, and the Earth and all upon her will be Cleansed, and you will be the Courageous Humans you were meant to be. Think on these things and go fourth carrying the Light of Truth, Courage, and Love.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle

9:23pm 10/21/2022