Michael the ArchAngel 10/20/2022

I am Michael the Archangel:

I call my army of Children of the Light of the Christed One. I call you from all over the World to bring in to your world God’s Light in the Fullness of your being. The angelic realms walk the Earth with you at this perilous time. Your Galactic sisters and brothers of the Light walk with you, here by your sides, also. I am calling All of you Men and Women, Warriors of and for the Light, all who honor your Creator and your fellow humans, animals, and the Earth herself, and all upon her, to stand up Now, in the Light of your Truth! YOU are the adults of this world, you must be the saviors of this world, and all of its’ inhabitants, as you are tasked with this work, you came here at this time to stand tall and strong in the Light, Right Now! Humanity is at the place in which it is beyond time for you to all say, “NO” to the continued horrific abuse of the children and the animals of this world, to the poisoning of your Bodies and Souls. You, the adults, people of Good Heart, it is time to walk in the truth of your being, and as protectors of all. This is the moment in time that you have known as your test of your commitment to the Light of God and the Earth, and all of Humanity, and all who walk upon the Earth. Remember that your “tests” are from within as well as without. What does the God within tell you is needed now? Remember, that the adults of your world are present to protect the children, the animals, and the Earth herself from the horrors that are being perpetrated on all of you. Respect Yourselves!!! I call all men and women of the Earth to step out, to stand up, to stand tall and strong in the Light. People of the Earth, UNITE AS ONE EARTH. Say “NO” to the continued abuse perpetrated here on the Earth. Be assured that right now, walking upon your Earth with you, unknown to you, are helpers from the angelic realms as well as from inner earth. There are Many Women and Men of Good Heart and Great Courage fighting and stopping the horrors perpetrated upon the Earth and ALL of her Children. You were born for this moment, in this lifetime! You are the soldiers of the Earth, the Protectors of Her and All Life upon her. Stand in your Courage, your Strength, and your Purity, and do the work that you were born to do. We are here with you, assisting as always. Be Women and Men of Honor, Integrity, and of Heart. We are with you! Michael The Archangel.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle

10/20/2022 1:46AM