Relay Jeshua Ben Joseph 10/12/2022

Relay Relay Relay by Spirit Eagle,

I am Jeshua Ben Joseph. I come to you this evening to encourage all of you to “stay the course” remain on the path to the Light that emanates from your heart to my being, and to all of the Universe. Much is being revealed and much is coming that will be difficult for people of good heart to take in. I ask you all to think of the children and the animals of this Beautiful Earth and to finally be the protectors of the same. You have been through much in your lifetimes upon the Earth and this lifetime is the culmination of the work you have done before and that you continue to do. The revelations of the inhumanity, and the horrors inflicted upon the children of the planet and on the animals of the planet will rock people to their core,  and that is as it should be. You, the Adults of this world are here to be just That! The Adults. Adults walk through their fear, they do not let it stop them from accomplishing what is needed. And You are Needed Now!! The children and the animals and not your comfort, are your first priorities, as Lightworkers upon the Earth, at this time. We hear everything in the lighted realms, we know your Hearts and we know your failings as you do. NOW, you are been given the “Go-Ahead” to Stand Tall, to stand in your Courage, and finally say NO to what is happening on your Planet. The slaughter and torture of the innocents, the children and the Animals, Must Stop Now!!! If you are discomforted by what is ahead, that’s as it should be. You can no longer sit on the sidelines of life. You must stand Tall as Extensions of the Lighted Realms to whom you often pray, you all are not little children! You are Adults with a responsibility of yourselves first, and then to the children who are being harmed and the animals of the same. It is time, don’t you think? It is time for you Adults on the planet to put your petty differences aside, to put your moaning and groaning about your lives aside and BE ADULTS. You are the grown ups, you are the Lightworkers who came here to do this job. It is Past Time Now! As always, all you have to do is call upon the Lighted Realms and we are next to you. But, remember, this is Your Earth. She was created to house human beings who are in service to God and Humanity, not to Dark Entities. It is time for the people of the Earth Mother to reject all darkness, all inhumanity to people and children and animals upon your Precious Earth. The selfish, self indulgence that is seen from where we are is “over the top” as you say, beyond the pale. You, the Lightworkers and all of Good Heart upon the Earth are the Saviors of this Planet. Own That!!! You and You Alone! We are always here with you, helping you. But, you must call on us for assistance. You must take action Now! You cannot wait for some magical being to appear and lead an army of lightworkers. You are the army. Own the dark corners of your Own Soul. Be in humility. Know that you came here to do this work. It is a spiritual work. If all of humanity comes together to protect the children, the animals, and the Earth herself, it will be accomplished. This isn’t about politicians, wars, this is about the Soul of Humanity itself. You are Humanity. We call on the women and the men of light to step forward and rescue your beautiful Earth and all of the beings on her. Just Do IT!!! You have all of the Help of Heaven, all of the Assistance that’s needed. But you must lead the way, starting within your Hearts, your Souls, starting in facing your own Darkness. You are all Strong Warriors of the Light and For The Light. The Ascended Masters and the ET’s are here to help you, but this is YOUR Planet, you must show the way, starting within your Hearts and with your Courage. You must Fight the Darkness. You are not helpless babies, many of you have been out of the womb for a very long time. Women and men must stand up for Life on this Planet. You have been lulled into complacency even in the midst of this chaos of torture and death all around you, You Must Awaken!!! NOW! We will not do Your work for you. You must come on board and be the Warriors that you Are. Put aside the mantle of weakness that you have accepted from those who have tricked you into being like helpless children. YOU ARE NOT CHILDREN. YOU ARE THE BELOVED SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD. YOU ARE THE BELOVED CHILDREN OF GOD, STAND UP LIKE MEN AND WOMEN AND PROTECT THEM NOW! DO NOT BE AFRAID, YOU HAVE AN ARMY OF LIGHT SURROUNDING ALL OF YOU. LIVE IN COMPLETE INTEGRITY AND YOU ALL KNOW WHAT THAT IS! We will help, but you must do the work. You must have the Will to Free Yourselves from this Great SIN! We will speak again soon.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Telepathic Communication By Spirit Eagle