Mother Mary and Saint Germain – 7/3/2022

Relay Relay Relay  –  Mother Mary and Saint Germain – 7/3/2022

Mother Mary: To the women of your world, this is the time for balance to retake the world and bring it and all of Her people back into harmony and courage. There are those on the planet who are trying to take from you your greatest gift, Your Womenhood. You are Truly Warriors, Yes! The work at this time is to create Balance and Harmony amongst all peoples on the Planet Earth. You are the Mothers, the Sisters, the Aunties, and the protectors of the children. Horrors have been wrought on the Earth to your children by the evil ones. It is time to free humanity from the Darkness that is continuing to be created here by using your children in a depraved way. The innocence and trust that is natural to children has been deliberately sabotaged by the evil ones who claim to be your leaders. There are some leaders who are of good heart and conscience, but they are in the minority.  Know that the people will select leaders of their countries who reflect the values of that country. Children all over the world have been and are still being tortured sexually and every other depraved way that can be inflicted upon the Innocent. What kind of future is humanity bequeathing to their children? Women and Men, Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents MUST protect the children from the horrors that are being inflicted upon them, right now.

Humanity has been protected from knowing the truth of the horrors that have been inflicted upon the children for many years. Those who live are severely damaged physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Humanity must stop this carnage. Be willing to face yourselves, your societies, as well as the amount of courage you all have within your Hearts. Ask your Creator to bolster your courage in standing up for and protecting the Children from the horrible abuses they have been subjected to, and still are by the Dark Cults rampant on this planet. It is time for a Great Loud “NO!”.

Then, men and women, this is what you were born for, to finally rid the planet of the perversion of love on your planet. The horrors inflicted upon the children, and the animals, the Innocents upon this World, must end NOW! Call upon the Galactic Federation of Light, and the Ascended Masters and your own Great and beautiful spiritual WILL to be Warriors for the Light, which is for the future, for the CHILDREN and the other innocents, the animals on the Earth. Over Millenia humanity has had to face the darkness that is within and to free itself from that darkness and to walk again into the Light. This is your journey Now. You are strong, you are up to this job to save Humanity from this Great Darkness. We walk the Earth with you now.

Saint Germain: On this, your Independence Day Celebration, I come to remind you of the Truths laid down at the founding of your country. As you know, I was there at the signing of your Declaration of Independence. A free people must be engaged in steering their government as an honorable, clean and pure avenue in which humanity can survive and thrive. The Truth of the depravity of the Governments of the World is being revealed now. Much of the Truth you will learn will be difficult to absorb, but you are ALL up to the task. Go Within and ask for clarity with a very open heart and Courage to change your World and attitudes for the Better. We, the Ascended Masters, as you know, have been working with you for many years.  We, and the Galactic Federation are working together with those of Good Heart on the Earth to bring about the change that must be accomplished in order for the Earth and her people and animals to Ascend into Higher Dimensions.

This, is “push comes to shove time”. This is not a time for fence sitting. This is a time to choose the Side of the Light of the Christ in making the world a much better place than it has been, for Millennia. This is your work. We the Ascended Masters and the Hosts of Heaven are working with you All, inspiring and guiding you in the accomplishment of the Ascension of your Earth Mother.

Remember that you were Given the privilege of being born into this time of transition of the Earth. This is a grave responsibility. So, my dears, no whining, please. You are well aware of the reason of why you wanted to be here at this time for transition into the fifth dimension. It is a great honor to experience this. We, the Galactic Federation, the Ascended Masters, the Heavenly Realms, honor and respect your Courage. Remember: Oh you men of Earth, you are the Protectors of Humanity, of the Human Family! You are the Fathers, the Brothers, the Uncles, and the Grandfathers of All of Humanities’ children. We in the Higher Realms are expecting you to do the work that you came here to do, and to do it NOW! Ask for help and it will be given to you at all times. Your Help is needed NOW for humanity, the Earth and her Children. We expect Great Things of You. I was there 235 years ago at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Good Night My Dears.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 1:14am pacific time 7/3/2022.