Mother Goddess 6/30/2022

Relay Relay Relay:

Great Mother Goddess

Humanity is starting to break free from the millennia old slavery to the darkness. You are awakening to the Light of the Christ and turning yourselves onto the path of the Lighted Realms in order to ascend with your beautiful Mother, the Earth. Keep walking forward. Reach out to others who appear to want help on this path into the Light of Humanities’ Flowering. Some of you may not feel ready, but go on and do remember all of the lessons that you have learned here, up until now. If you are not happy with the results of how you have lived, then it is time to change your direction. Throughout lifetimes of living on the Earth, you have gained wisdom, as well as have made mistakes. Now is the time to use all of your strength, which is most of all Love, Compassion, and your Heart Medicine. For many of you this has been a difficult journey and yet a rewarding one. When you overcome your lower natures you will feel the difference in the way you are living life on this Great Mother, the Earth.

My Dears, be a person who lives your integrity at all times. Integrity and Love are what will get you through some of the difficulties you will encounter on the journey on which you have embarked. Be a Light unto this World, be a Courageous Human, be a soul filled with love, and be a protector of those who are in need of protection. Your Greatest Joy will come about as you change your old ways of looking at life on this Planet.

Many souls wanted to come here at this time of an Ascending Planet. It is said that in order to incarnate here at this time the permission of eight of your ancestors had to be given because of the importance of this lifetime into ascension with the Mother the Earth. So, when things feel tough do remember that you are privileged to be here to participate in a rare thing in the Universe. Each of you have the strength to change what needs to be changed Within and in your World. You Are The Warriors Of And For The Light Of The Christed One. You are the leaders, by your example, onto the path of humanities’ Destiny. You are all Dear to our Hearts and we do know and understand the  difficulties you are encountering at this time, do remember that you have all of the Help of Heaven, all of the support that you need to accomplish your mission here on Earth. Thousands of ships are watching you and the Great Mother Earth as you rise into Ascension of this planet in your galaxy. Just ask for help as it is needed, and when you are confused. Help Will arrive. We are all here. Many of your star families are walking amongst you. Be conscious and aware and you will feel them near you. And they will look like humans, like you.

Do not buy into as you say, the fearmongering, regarding bacteria, viruses. This is your finest hour because You are creating a New way of living, a new way of being on your Sacred Mother Earth. Walk through your fears, face that which you do not want to face, open your Hearts to Humanity, to all of Life on your Planet, give of yourselves in Integrity and with Love. We will speak again soon. Walk the straight and narrow path and you will be followed by your sisters and brothers and all of Nature; be living love and courageous. Good Night My Dears, the Great Mother Goddess.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 6/30/2022 12:30 AM