Mother Sekhmet 6/12/2022

Sekhmet: I am Mother Sekhmet, I have come to remind you to remember all that you have learned and to put it into action NOW! The world is in need of the Lightworkers who have the courage of the Heart to defend all of Humanity and its’ children from the darkness that seeks to overcome it. The Lightworkers have been called into action and to live in absolute Integrity! Face your fears, so that you can release them and contribute to the well being of all lifeforms on this planet.

There is a Great Battle continuing at this time around the world in which you are apart. The Battles are intense for the SOULS of humanity. The minions of those who have plagued humanity are continuing their diabolical theft of the soul of humanity, but it will not succeed! There are enough people who are facing their fears, angers, regrets, rages, owning them and working through that which has existed on this planet for eons of time.

This is the time to become the staunch warriors who defend the people against the diabolical so-called leaders who are working toward humanities’ demise.

This will not happen! The Galactic Federation of Light has arrived and we are in your skies right now, and on your Earth walking amongst you. You will come to see us and you will find people will appear in your lives at just the right time when you are in need of them, in the moment. Some of these will be your Galactic Sisters and Brothers. Those, who appear to look like Earthlings. We are here Now!  We are here to help humanity to leap into your future as a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Do not loose your focus on healing yourselves, on facing those things which you have avoided within, and become the Human Beings that you know you are meant to be.

We ask you to take particular care with all of the animals, as well, on the planet. You are entering a period in which all of your ideas that have been a part of the Earth for many eons, will be changing. Do be open minded and open hearted at this time. You, the adult humans have a grave responsibility to own the darkness within and release it into the light, so that you are all shining, beautiful lights on the planet.

People will know by your energy field that you are safe to go to. This is Your planet, we are here to assist, but remember it is your work to change your attitudes and to do the work that Must be done in order to ascend with your planet. She is ready! Are you? Goodnight my Dears, sleep well in my arms, Mother Sekhmet.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle

9:38pm 6/12/2022