Mother Mary

Relay Relay Relay Mother Mary:

I come tonight to remind humanity that you were born at this time in order to bring in a New World, to rise above into higher dimensions. The Old Way of inhumanity to eachother is no longer acceptable! War, is a third dimensional construct. You are spiritual beings and human beings. Remember what it is to be both. Humanity has gone down this road before and it is not acceptable. You know better! Do not listen to those who would drive humanity towards the Darkness of war with your brothers and sisters. The situation in that country involves the rescue of the innocents, as has similarly happened in other parts of the world as Heaven has decreed. Be in peace as humanity is awakening to the truth of the old world and to its’ blossoming into the new world of higher dimensional peace.

The clearing of the planet from lower dimensional beings is underway. Do remember that you are all sisters and brothers, as children of God, you will all usher in a new way of being on the planet, one of peace, love, and understanding.

My Dears, I urge you all to look within, face the fears of your hearts, face the deeds you have done, and make the decision to take the road to your ascension into a collective new and peaceful co-existence with eachother. Do remember that You were born for this time in humanities’ history. It is a soul’s great privilege to be born at this time because of the changes coming on all of the Earth, leading to a new and golden age for humanity.

Clean out the closets of your souls so that you are truly ready for the new, for the peaceful upliftment of humanity. See the world as You want it to be. Not as the Dark Ones would prefer. We, and the Galactic Federation, your sisters and brothers from other worlds are with you right now. You are all loved. I am Mother Mary. Mother of Jesus.  Telepathic Communication through Spirit Eagle. 4/2/2022 1:56AM Copyrighted.