Saint Germain 1/15/2022 !!!!!

Relay Relay Relay: St. Germain! I am bringing you this message tonight to let the world know that I am watching the people of Australia as they take back their own sovereignty. I wish the Australians to know that all of the help of the Higher Realms are with you as you lead the way for the Earth’s people to follow in the Path to Freedom. It is time for ALL of the People of Earth to awaken as the Australians are doing. Humanity MUST protect the children. The egregious assault on Humanities’ children must stop now! Brave Men and Women are doing this work now. Humanity has been in a very long sleep of unconsciousness around the world and you must Awaken now to the horrors that are being visited upon the Children on the Earth. Women, And Men must Rescue and protect the Children of the Planet Immediately. Allowing oneself to bemoan the past injustices is a futile exercise when you all have work to change it All Now. The Children are your future. They are Humanities’ future. For too long the people of the planet have relegated their responsibility into a dark corner. Their responsibility for the children’s protection and nurturance. The revelations of what has been done to the children of the Earth and the animals of the Earth must be Revealed now, to all upon her. This is a time of Truth Telling, Feeling Hearts, and Responsibility for what has been done to your children on this planet. Humanity, must stand up as adult human beings to protect the children and your futures, NOW! You are stepping into the Morning of a New Day! You can and will make this DAY more beautiful than it has ever been on the Earth Mother! Walk in the Light of God/Goddess, whatever you see that to be, as you go fourth and rescue the children from the bondage of the Dark Ones. It is the Time for All Women and Men to awaken to your adulthood, your Warriorship, your Love, and your Courage. Know, that great misdeeds and torture have been done to animals in the name of “science”, as well as evil pleasure at torturing the animals, too. This is a time for Great Courage, Dig Deep into your Hearts, into your Souls, into your Memories of your own Vulnerabilities. Use these experiences to become True Human Beings and Children of God/Goddess! The time is NOW!!!! Good Night, My Dears, We will talk soon. We are supporting you, and watching over all of you, we have great expectations of you! I am Saint Germain. Telepathic Communication through Spirit Eagle. 8:41pm 1/14/2022.