Relay Relay Relay – Commander Gorton 11/29/2021 2:47AM

The Lightworkers who have held the Standard of love, of compassion, and humility High are called to action now! What you are seeing  being exposed in the world now, is a long overdue revelation to humanity regarding the plight of humanities’ vulnerable ones (the children and the animals). Humanity has stayed in its’ babyhood for far too long. Yes, it has been tricked, but not so much as to preclude awareness of what is going on, and has been going on for centuries upon the Earth. This has been much to bear for the Earth Mother. The time is long overdue for the adults on your world to open your eyes and your ears to the screams and pain of the children and the animals. It is time for you all to awaken to the Truth of what you have been allowing, through self indulgence of those little, as well as those big things that you allow to take over your ego. Many teachers have come to the planet to help at various times. There are many teachers incarnated on Planet Earth right now. Many have not been listened to or respected for the unpleasant truths they have revealed. Those who are ready to hear will listen and progress with the planet.
It is being shown to you now, how the darkness has taken over and been in control for millennia. If it is an uncomfortable time, so be it. Discomfort can move one to a decision to change. That is a choice. And it is the choice of each and every one of you. You are either serious, or not. Ascension isn’t just a glorious picture to watch, it is the nitty gritty of being in the trenches of emotion and of spirit. For far too long humans have seen spiritual growth as ecstasy, but it has not been portrayed as the pain of facing the within place, that it is really all about. You cannot get to glory by ignoring who you are, as a soul. You have given over yourselves and your souls to those who would “lead” you to safety. There is no safety in continually running from the Self.

The World must stand up to the inhumanity that is being forced upon the children, the elders, and all upon the planet. If ascension with the Earth is your ultimate goal, YOU must stand up and Be adults who defend the innocent and the helpless. For far too long you have followed others into the quicksand of safety.
Dear Beautiful Souls of Planet Earth: This is Ascension Time! This is the time you have been waiting for. You MUST step over the chasm between here and the New World, and the New You. Those of you who are adults, it is time to GROW UP and develop compassion for all beings on this planet. You cannot survive fifth dimensional frequencies with a self indulgent attitude that many of you still have. Face what you do not want to see, do not want to feel, and do not want to hear. Lightworkers Unite! The energy that is needed now is one of Courage as well as Love. Courage is being afraid, yet willing to go forth anyway. Humanity this is your call!!!! Stand Together people Of Earth. Those who control the apparatus of many of your governments are few in number, you are many. Go Fourth with Love, Light, and Intelligence as your banner. Please Do drop the persona of childhood. Do become the adults, the leaders, the compassionate ones, that you are meant to be. Speak Up, Speak Out when necessary. Walk with the angels, not with the devils. Do not indulge the lower senses. This will get you nowhere. This will not help humanity, in general. Fill your hearts with love, compassion, strength, and courage. There is much to be done. Most especially when it has been revealed what has happened to the missing children all over your planet. This will bring everyone to look at themselves and what is important to them. Pray for Courage and an open Heart. For without this there is no foundation. Go within, face yourselves and THEN try to help your sisters and brothers on the Planet, and do help the animals that have been and are being tortured as your children have been tortured. There is no longer time to only contemplate and meditate, there is a time coming Now for action. But all starts within. Be honest with yourselves. Are you proud of yourself of how you live, and how you have lived? Are you proud of your lies to yourselves? You cannot help without true Heart and true Humility. If this seems like a herculean task, then I say step aside, don’t get in the way, and let the true warriors of the Light of your planet go forward. Get out of their way. Do not be an impediment to the WORK that must be done. You are the warriors of the Light! BE the TRUE warriors of Light. If you do not want to do this, that is your choice, just step aside. And don’t impede the progress.

Gird yourselves for Battle! Good Night, Sleep Within The Arms Of The Great Mother Of All. I AM Commander Gorton.Telepathic Communication through Spirit Eagle 11/29/2021       2:47AM