The Goddess – Dec 21, 2019

I come to you this night to remind you that this is the beginning of your New Year of the outpouring of your Blessings: physical and emotional and Spiritual.  This will be the Year of Truth for all of Humankind~  You will learn of things that were and are done in your names.  You have been duped into believing that the Fairy Tale is True.  There has been  a great battle raging for well over 50 years for the bringing in of the New Ways that Humanity has yet to experience.   This is close to Completion.   
Turn your News off!  You will hear only as much as the Evil Ones want you to hear.  When your Galactic Family arrives you won’t need a television or Ipod to see them  Just go out your door and Look Up!!!!   

They Are Truly YOUR FAMILY from The Stars!

It may not look like it yet, but your Galactic Family has Arrived!!!!