ST. GERMAINE – 1/7/2021

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Saint Germaine:
What is coming to your country is the Great Awakening to the Truth of How your Country has been degraded over time. The United States of America has always had a special place in my heart because, as you know, I was at the signing of the Declaration of Independence and inspired your Founders to write a Constitution based on GOD’s law that would Be a beacon of Light for all of the World to follow.

You are, and have always been, a Courageous People, and I ask you now to be strong in your courage and visualizations for your precious country, so that it becomes a Beacon Of Light for All Of The World. It had started out that way, an unheard of Destiny that has been the focus of the Dark to prevent its’ full blossoming as a leader into this Age Of Awakening. The forces of Evil have worked “overtime” as you say, to destroy your country. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!

Those of us who watch over your country and her Founding Principals are here on your Earth in Massive Numbers helping you, the people of Earth, and in particular the people of the United States, to Birth your Nation Anew! He who is leading your country Right Now was chosen by Heavenly Decree for the work he Must DO, and with your help, He Will DO IT!

There is Great Evil Walking the Earth Now, Attacking those of the Light, remember The Light is STRONGER than the Darkness. Therefore, the change that has been awaited by the LightWorkers is in process Now. This Time on Your Planet can be an uncomfortable one, as you and He, and the Heavenly Realms, Bring The Mother Earth and All of Her People into Peace, Balance, and Love, and rid the Planet Earth of the Darkness that has descended upon her over many Millennia. This is a time of Choice for all OF The People Upon The Earth. Compassion, Caring, Love, Kindness, are the Hallmarks of The New Humanity from This Time Forth. In This Way, the Earth Will Be Cleansed of the Diabolical that has been Alive here for many, many Millennia.
Many Revelations that will open to you All, will be very difficult to Face, however remember that you Are The Warriors Of And For The LIGHT. COURAGE, COMPASSION, TRUTH, and Justice Have To, and Will prevail in order for this Planet Earth and All of You to Ascend. Be Humble in your examinations, of yourselves, your souls, and your actions, in order for you to move onto a higher evolutionary path. I ask you All TO Be Courageous Now. Look within to cleanse yourself of anything: thoughts, feelings, actions, that are unworthy of a Child Of GOD and of a Warrior Of The Light of the Christ.

We, The Ascended Masters , the angels, And The Ancestors take your Hands, Walk with You and Have Your Backs.

This is the beginning of the Time for which you were born, know we are with you always, and assisting you in your Work, on the Earth. “We Have Your Backs.” Goodnight My Dears, rest well this Night.

12:53 Am1/7/2021
Telepathic Communication Through Spirit Eagle.