St. Germain – March 15, 2016

You are in an accelerated place right now.  It is somewhat like the expression, “hold on to your hats!”   This acceleration is one that encompasses All levels within your life, including the personal and the outer world which can affect you profoundly.   You have all been under a strain both from within your personal lives and from the outer world of events affecting life on the Earth Mother and All of Her children!   There is a time coming when you will have to make decisions which will affect your lives on a profound level.  I urge you to Stay In Your Integrity!  Stay in Peace!   Stay in the Light of the Christ that is Within You!
Know always that all you have to do is to Ask for assistance from the Lighted Realms and the Galactic Federation of Light and you will receive inner guidance regarding your next steps and the kind and pure direction in which your soul wishes to lead you.  You have been aware on a Soul Level for eons of Time that this period in your Soul’s journey would come in This lifetime!  You have, at a Soul Level made your decisions about how you would handle this amazing Transmutation into a Galactic Being! 

You are all very capable of handling this period in your lives and All of Life that is expressing on your Mother the Earth.  As you walk through each day, be aware of all of the little things and the larger things that you can do for yourself and others to bring happiness in the moment for all of Life on this beautiful Planet.   Your animal friends as well.

Go outside and walk on the Earth, your Mother even if she is covered in snow!  You are Her child and she wants to heal you and All of her children who receive sustenance from  Her!  She is a kind and loving Mother!  Be a Grateful Child of Hers. 

You are ALL Stronger than you Think!  You are The Warriors of The Light!  You are The Warriors of the Rainbow!  THIS will be Your Finest Hour!  Do Not Hide in the Closet of FEAR!  You are Strong and are the Protectors of the People and of ALL of Creation on this Planet! 

Listen Within!  You will hear the Still Small Voice within and you will know what is the highest and best actions for you to take!   Take care of yourselves and your families and friends as best you can!   You are never alone!  Help is a thought away!   

Humanity’s Veil is being lifted slowly enough for the revelations to be integrated into your Beings without overloading your circuits.  I tell you to be Open to the New and to hearing the Truth of how Humanity has been used in an abominable way.  When you digest what you will hear, remember that all of the experiences have been allowed for the ultimate Freedom that will serve you well!  Never Again will you be led by “leaders” who will take you to the Buffalo Jump and wave “bye bye” as has been done to Humanity for as far back as any can remember.
This is Humanity’s Time!  You will Shine!  I Am St. Germain and I and many others will be with you on this Rainbow Road To Life,  a Life that you will live to its’ Fullest Expression of Joy!
Good Night My Dears!  Rest Well in your Great Mother’s Arms This Night~
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  March 15, 2016  1:55 am