Sekhmet 8/9/2021

Do what you must to clear the darkness from yourself and from your space, let go of those who would drag you down rather than uplift you. As always, be honest with yourselves, be in integrity with yourselves, and strive to be a Light unto this World, rather than added Darkness of Ego and spiritual laziness. The time for this is over. This time is a time of great courage and truthfulness with oneself, this is also a time for you to be true warriors of and for the Light.

Humanity has had one shock after another, and the work is yet to come. In order for you to grow and for the Earth to take you with her in her ascension, you must no longer be spiritual children. Help people when you can, but don’t allow yourself to be dragged into the muck and the mire of 3rd dimensional Ego Ascendancy. This is a lower vibration. Going within and being as you know it, the best that you can be, is the Only way!

The world as you are experiencing now, seems very chaotic, it is only the outcome of your chaotic thoughts, your fears, and your spiritual infancy. As you sense, it is past the time for you all to take responsibility for the world you have created, by your lack of courage at times, your self-indulgence at times, and the permission you have given for Fear to take over rather than Faith and Love. This is a comfort zone for humanity, unpleasant, but still a comfort zone. To grow into the beings you are meant to be, involves releasing the past hurts, pain, and blame.
The Army of the Light Has to be mature and in complete integrity with the self. Living in the spiritual childhood of your past will do nothing to enhance the Earth and all beings on Her, at this time. There are many who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and their in-actions. This is no longer possible if you wish the Earth to ascend and for you to ascend with her. You might say a complete spiritual and emotional overhaul is in order. In your work on yourselves, you do have help from the Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light who are certainly your Cheerleaders through this difficult time. We can cheer you on, but only You can do the work on yourselves to get the job done. Too many moan and groan at the difficulty of your task. Cut the ties to the old thinking, including the victimization thinking of your past. Really, really, see yourselves and what you are contributing to the chaos on the planet now. Only You, the Lightworkers, who know better than many fellow humans at this time, Can Do This Work. Be in impeccable integrity with yourselves. That, My Dears, is what you must do. If you are unwilling, step out of the Lightworker Line. While we understand that many of you are in pain, frustration, and anger, remember some of this is what you haven’t dealt with before, this time. You are all needed now to do this work!

This is Your Planet, this is Your Work, because it is your vibrations that will make the difference. How you Think and Feel and Believe will determine the outcome. Many have listened to these messages for years and many have avoided the deep work that must be done in order to ascend with this planet. Look around you, how many people are aware of this process? You have been given the gift of information for transmutation by many Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings and Extra Terrestrials. The White Knights are working very hard in doing Their jobs. No Less is expected of you. Look at how humanity has been manipulated by the Dark Ones for months now, fear has ruled supreme. Fear, is not of God, it is not of the Light. You Are the Rainbow Warriors of the Light. You came here to do this work. To Accomplish it. Relatively, you are at the finishline, and although much of humanity has been manipulated by the fear of illness you are Still at the finishline! Give no energy to this fear. The Lightworkers must be in peace, confidence, and purity of heart. You must be in integrity with yourselves and with your beliefs. Do you believe the darkness has power over the Light? Do you believe that Lies Prevail over the Truth? Are you buying, so to speak, the FEAR NARRATIVE? Or are you adopting God’s plan for you and your New Earth?

In order to do the work that you came here to do, you Must be strong warriors for Truth, Justice, Integrity, and Great Courage! I have seen many of you succumb to fear and manipulation. This, my dears, is unworthy of you. You Know Better! Do not for your sakes and for the Earth’s sake join the party of fear. That is where you disempower yourselves. All power is with Creator and, Creator within. While it may be frustrating for you not to know exactly what is going on behind the scenes, know that your White Knights are doing what They came here to do. Visualize the New World, and bring a new and honorable, kind and just, and loving being within to the forefront of yourselves. This is no time to falter, you are not weak, there is no necessity for fear. The children of the world must be protected at all costs, and they have not.

The horrors that are being inflicted upon the children of the world is being stopped by the White Knights and by your energy, your courage to face yourselves in order to make it a better world for them. You are the adults who protect the children. The pains of your own childhoods must be integrated, and you must all be adults and protect the children. We know that you can do all of this work, do not listen to those who say you can’t, or that which is within that says you cannot do this work. For that is the whisperings of the Dark Ones in your ear.
If you are one of those at this time that is vacillating regarding your commitment to be True Warriors of Light, think twice, and three times, about the decision you are making. This is a work for the mature adults. Children are still learning, this is IT!

The Lightworkers who continue to play in the playpen of their childhoods can step aside and let those who are ready to do the work. We love all of you, we appreciate what you have done, but it is time for only those TRULY COMMITTED to bringing the New World into Being at all costs to the lower bodies and personal ego. This is an unselfish work that takes Great Courage. And the greatest courage is to face the self and the things that you hide from within the self. You are needed now in the FULL FLOWER OF YOUR MATURITY for there is much that will ensue that you have to be able and willing to face for the sake of your souls and for the children. Decide now in your Heart of Hearts which side you are on. You are loved and appreciated for the work that you have all done. This is a call to action! Report For Duty Now!! I AM Sekhmet.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
6:12 PM 8/9/2021