Relay Relay Relay – Saint Germain 6/24/2018

Saint Germain:
    This summer is a pivotal time in the changes in your governments around the world. Your monetary systems are changing now. The revelations around the world of the long-standing, ongoing Pedophilia that has destroyed many, many lives has been slowly revealed to the people of the planet, and now there will be a rush like a flooding river of revelations of the horror that has been done to the Innocents. This will bring fourth the People’s Demand for Justice to be done in this horrendous matter. The people of the world will be shocked, will be horrified that those in power and popularity have done beastly things in a rampage of slaughter of The Innocents!
    This will be revealed with Our help. All of Heaven is ready to stand by and help humanity through this crisis.
    In addition, the revelation of the Secret Space Programs, with its’ allied kidnapping of humans from the Earth as slaves to be traded with negative off-worlders will be revealed.
    Prepare yourselves, be of Strong Heart, and have the Courage to face and absorb that you have been lied to for Eons of Time. Those who you have glorified because they have been leaders of countries have been some of the worst perpetrators of the evils that will be revealed to humanity. Do not close your hearts down, do not turn your faces away, be Strong in the Light, for YOU ARE NEEDED NOW! Humanity has been squeezed by the Dark Ones into thinking that you are little beings, yet you are great and powerful spiritual beings. You are Loving Beings.    Turn your televisions off, for they entrain your brains to take in, to absorb, and to wash your brains of Truth. You must Think for yourselves, you must Act for yourselves, and for the Helpless upon the Earth. You came at this time, with This Purpose.
    You Are the Warriors of the Light! The Earth Mother and All upon Her are counting on You to form a loving bond with each other to create a new fifth dimensional world together.    Demand that Everything that has been kept from Humanity be Revealed Now! Immediately! The only way that humanity can move forward is to stand tall in the Light of the Truth. This is your cue that The Changes Are Upon You. This IS Your Work To Do! As always, we assist you, just ask and we are there. Prepare yourselves for what lies ahead. In courage, fortitude, and responsibility. Stand Straight and Tall and Strong in the Beings of Light that you Are. Good Night My Dears, we will speak soon, again. Rest In the Great Mother’s Arms tonight, for you have much to do in the days ahead.Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle-
11:41pm 6/24/2018-